you said
you don't know what I'm doing but I must be doing something
you shook your head
and you said damn
you didn't understand it?
you said I wouldn't normally
be part of your life
I flinched
you didnt see that
but you said
you didnt..... under..stand.. what it... is "but..."
I understood all that
"but" entailed.
You couldnt walk away even
you couldnt brush things off even
you couldnt find your nonchalance
You said I'll call you Wednesday..
you were saying for 24hrs I will not see you or talk to you
It was a test i saw you vulnerable,
U saw me too even though your back was turned
You said this on your way out of my car
with the door cracked open/ half way open with potential to
you were looking back at me......
before that i held your head in my hands
you put your head on my pillow..
and then my chest
and then I smiled and my heart spoke secrets
and you were so close that I thought you couldnt hear them
but you did
you were silent
we were silent
and it was good
In my kitchen in the dark
you touched me
it felt so good
that i had to freeze myself to the door
I didn't react
your so sensitive it was the first move
I didnt react
you made and assumption
about my non reaction
and then we left
I said I understand
I said I already know
I said I feel the same way
I said how did I get here so fast
with you
I meant it as no offense
later you knew it was exposure it was no offense
later your heart smiled
and i saw it
and we said
We will talk today later and it was 3:25am
and we said we will spend more time...
we will share some space
we agreed
we don't understand
we agreed how could this be
we agreed
we give to each other
we agreed
No one else has ever touched so deeply
never held hands on the same plane
we agreed
It is what it is
we agreed to
let it be.
We are trying to be polite

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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