by LemonTwist

(Dedicated to My Golden Honey)

Will you escape with me for just a few?
Can I take you on the sweetest vacation?
Even if it’s just for a moment or two
Come let us sit
Manipulate my lips…Kiss
In addition, let us converse…Walk
Verbally stimulate my body
Mentally penetrate my soul
Send your tongue down the parts of my spine
Trigger my brain, fuel my hormones
I whine your name
Mami {Ma}, Mami {Ma}…Come to me in the heat of ecstasy
On the phone ... You make me arrive, you make me sigh
I’m wet, dripping…the sound of your voice
I’m drenched…it makes me moist
Your erotic nature …your exotic appearance
I’m weak…
I tremble...
I leak…
Will you love the way the words I say
Glide off of the sugary tongue
And massages the tense spots, tenderly…am I the One?
We can make this love in all places
At all times…
Touch me...
Tease me...
Taunt my mind…
You arouse me, I cry
You’re as deep as the red sea
We reach our peak, but never quit
I Explode, Wow...
So Explicit...
Listen to me work your intellect
Scream, bite
The sensual dialect
The romantic effect
Inside you, I’m flowing through
Now you inside of me
All night…
That night of passion
The one when were no where near one another
Just deep thrashing
If only the sweet taste of you breath
In the air
Was enough to satisfy me here
You there…
I need you to
speak to me...sexually
I want to
Feel you…intimately…

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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