Poetry in motion, emotins filled with pain & can you look yourself in the mirror knowin you hurt some-one you sworn to protect? Why take her from one issue in to a shit storm, now in realization you are gettin the pain of tryin to be fully 4given so that you can take that step into mothernature again.... and try to not feel deep pain of regret.....a stingin sensation to the heart and soul....a cry in the dark that not even mommy can calm your tears 4....Jus a song of forgiveness of all the hurt and pain I put you through is the song that must be played on that musical instrument the pan, for if you loved me once you knew something bout me that made you feel those emotional kalediscopes....Yes the past is such a fukk up on my side and I admit to the abuse I admit to the emotional terror, I admit to bein an asshole, I admit to making you lose sight of the beautiful things, I admit to burdening your heart with all the lies and sleepless nites, I admit to not bein the one to set you free within our souls together, but in the end set you free by releasing you into your own world with me not there..... not a sorry note of bullsh*t coming from my end.... jus sing a ballad out to me and let me see, jus one conversation of truth and understanding, forgiveness and free skies ma.....

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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