In the midst of all the screaming and chaos, I was pulled aside by the two Sheriff Deputies that found her, along with three undercover Dics that never identified themselves. They had encircled me, preventing me from obtaining any information on Kalia. The first Dic wanted to play twenty questions "Who are you? Do you have an ID? Where were you I at such-and-such a time? How well did I know the victim? How are you related? Hell, he never showed me his ID. What made him think that I was going to volunteer any information without knowing any details or for that matter without the presence of a lawyer? He knew that this line of questioning was illegal and had no grounds. The second Dic had the audacity to suggest to one Sheriff, "perhaps we accompany her downtown. I bet her memory will become crystal clear!" My mental interpreted this to sound like "Regardless to any facts or evidence - you did it!"
As I glanced over the shoulder of the other deputies, I saw Kendra standing in the wings twirling her hair. She never shedded one tear but had the nerve to yell out, "She did it! That's the bitch that killed my sister!"
Everybody in the lobby turned to me. Now these key-stone cops, who were already in search of; found a reason to detain me. I never killed anybody. I may have threatened a few people, but never murdered anyone. Hell, I hadn't seen or heard from Kalia for more than a year. I was too busy sexing Myrna. There was no way I was connected to this crime.
In what became undisclosed facts of interest, I overheard the doctor tell one of the Dics how her wrists and throat had been cut severely. That her body was discovered in Ojai by some kids skateboarding in a shopping center parking lot. That she was sitting in her car hunched over the steering wheel with her hands and feet bound together.
With no memorandum read, no attorney advisory and complete humiliation, I was escorted involuntarily out of the hospital and into the back of a Po unit like a fugitive. I was hauled down to the station for further humiliation and without legal grounds.
I sat on hold for almost an hour before the bitch in me took charge, "Am I under arrest? Cause if am, I want my phone call!" Everybody in the station had a hearing impairment. But when I sang aloud the names of Johnny Cochran, Danny Cromwell, Al Sharpten and the channel four news, they suddenly overcame those ailments. The fact that there were no grounds to hold me and the fact that I had no priors, became a profitable examination to a lawsuit. My only crime, if anything, was publicly brandishing a firearm and threatening to kick that bitch out of reality. Besides, her mother never called the police so what was really going on?
As I continued to sit in waiting for what seemed to be an ungodly amount of time, a scruffy face man walked past me several times. He watched me like I was his favorite TV program. I really needed my attorney. And since he was unavailable, the only other alternative was Myrna.
I was finally granted rights to a phone call. I had know idea that my legal representation would be Myrna's colleague and business associate - Von. She talked way over my head, but demonstrated her power skills throughout the precinct. Informing those knuckleheads how they could not further detain me unless there was printed evidence or a witness present (that would fabricate the truth). And that's exactly what Kendra did. But Von was already on it. She extrapolated an argument of conjectural wrong - no probable cause and no substantiating proof of involvement. There was no sufficient evidence. So Barney Fief and Andy Dic were TF (totally fucked).
I learned a whole lot that day. My first mistake was making a public threat. The next, was getting involved with my past.
Von and I returned to the hospital. And as soon as we stepped into the ER, Kalia's mom, still pouring tears, leaped out of the chair. Lunging at me then screaming, "This is all your fault! You and your damn drugs Damn you! What have you done? What have you done to my baby?"
My fault! Drugs! What was she talking about? I never used drugs a day in my life and neither did Kalia as far as I knew. And what was Kalia doing in Ojai? She's never been outside of two counties.
I was so upset and angry that I wondered off and got lost in the hospital. Some nurses passing by found me sitting on the floor in the maternity ward and called for anybody to come get me. I faintly remember a security guard talking to me, then Von and some other blurred face helping me up saying, "Come on Ayal, you need to get off the floor and get it together!"
Kalia was dead and I had to face the reality of it. Six years of my life gone in an instant. This is not how it was supposed to end.
I managed to find my way back home I don't know how I got there. I don't even remember driving. I was so numb I just headed straight for my bedroom. As I lay across my bed, I began to cry. Bawled like a baby. I wish I knew what was happening.
In the distance, I heard a phone ring. My answer machine picked up and it was Gaby. She was saying something about something, I didn't even care. It rang again, this time from Myrna, trying to figure out what happened to me and if I was ok. Then another. I think I just turned off the phone and rolled over.
For what seemed to be an eternity, I stayed in bed. Couldn't eat, didn't sleep. Just lay there.
Gaby is so fine tuned, that if I don't return her calls she'll come looking for me. I had a feeling that she would be here soon. I faintly heard another phone ringing. It was my cellular - buzzing and chiming. I didn't bother with that either. I was no longer in the mood for personal contact. The worst part of this story is after all of this shit, my poor cat was being neglected.
At some point I fell into a state of unconsciousness. I thought I was dreaming. Gaby was kneeling down and shaking me as my mother (who lives clear across the globe) was calling my name. I was pretty much out of it and completely in a stupor. My head was hanging over the bedside. My eyes were open but nobody was home. I think I even saw angels standing around me. I do however remember blinking lights brightly flashing. I was a complete mess.
I don't remember when I woke up. But I was in a hospital bed with colorful electro cords and sticky pads stretched across my body. I had slipped into a comma.
Sometime after that - Gaby, my family and Myrna including the hospital staff was providing round the clock care. They all pitched in to keep me alive. Piece by piece they slowly filled me in on what was going on. Kalia was still dead as far I knew.
If anyone in my circle of peeps had anything to do with this it was quiet and kept. Wait a minute, did I say Gaby and Myrna? Now this is a story in itself. I wonder if Gaby? naa.
In the meantime and at every given opportunity, that ass-hole Detective Mark Shimmel - the one detaining me that night at the hospital - started harassing me. It seemed that he was having difficulty locating a prime suspect. So his attempt to get me with mind games had become transparent. I suppose he had nothing to go on but guesses.
A couple of months or so after that, I was finally on a road to recovery. The doctors gave me a clean bill of health and told my peeps to just keep me spirited. I still didn't know exactly what happened to Kalia or maybe I did the truth was forever hidden very deep within my self-conscious. My plan now was to move forward with my life.
Gaby came by every chance she had. Myrna did the same. I think these two had even become friends. My family worked with me aside everyone else's schedule.
At home, all day, everyday somebody was here doing something. Either trying to force pills down my throat, massaging my now flabby muscles, cooking everything I don't eat (more so for them than me), moving my stuff (I mean cleaning my house) or talking too much and driving me crazy. With much love in the house, it was kind of strange that nobody ever mentioned Kalia's name. All I heard one time in whispering was that the funeral was nice.
Day by day each episode in my life began to slowly dissipate. There was no closure and I still had no answers.
More strange and unusual events were starting to take place around me. Each time Myrna decided to come by, she was more and more distant. She seemed to be preoccupied, like she was suffering from anxiety. She stopped sleeping over. The weekend cooking had come to a halt and she didn't smile as much anymore.
The first series of events came about when she left her phone on my nightstand. For at least an hour, it rang and rang and rang. All I could see was "private" listed in the menu. And of course curiosity was killing me. Each time I had the opportunity to scroll through the menu, the phone would ring again.
One evening she came and went, leaving her phone behind again. It may have been a thoughtless act, but it wasn't like her at all to slack off and leave personal things laying around. Something very serious was on her mind.
Her phone must have rang about six more times back-to-back. The last time I found it, it was in the back bathroom. So I decided to check the last two calls. The first was a text message that read: "Air Can, tfr flt BEL4, term C. A gogo, deliver 2#2."
The second, was an automated voice message of a man with a deep raspy tone instructing her to deliver the cake 2#2.
I was trying to replay the calls when I heard the doorbell chime. I quickly ran to place the phone back in its resting position, then hustle to the door to let her in. She smiled but said very little. I could tell she had been crying. Maybe guilt was chewing at her or maybe her plan was crumbling and she was being fucked. I figured she would be leaving soon so I would just be cool until she did.
Over the next few months, that a-hole Dic Shimmel repeatedly called my house. It just so happened that my answer machine was cleaning itself in record mode and captured another unusual turn of events. A male caller, who was definitely short of marbles, forgot to disconnect a conference call. What I heard next threw my analogy "Hey Steel; Scarlet, Tracey and I have picked through the deck. Three aces and a pair. All but the first were discarded, and we traded the pair" a raspy voice stated. "We need a second deal," said a monotone female. The deck is short and the jokers' wild."
"What about the spade? Or the better yet the duce? Entered another voice, "Too risky. All stakes are too high"
"Why not cut the cards!" The raspy voice stated followed by a series of background interruptions, "No! Tracks need to be laid before the ghost 2#2" were the last words rushed. Then the phone went silent.
I jumped up, grabbed the tape from the machine then paged Gaby. I instructed her to meet me at the coffee house ASAP. "Don't call the house phone for any reason!" I was no longer comfortable answering my home phone and I wasn't sure if my place was bugged. Each time I left the house I tried to be as inconspicuous as possible. Myrna never called or came to see me anymore. Which drew even more suspicion. I guess she had to make that flight.

I met with Gaby hours later. We walked around scoping everything and everyone before hopping in her car. I played back the entire tape conversation. She listened in silence. Neither of us had a response. Annoyed and curious, she demanded "What's this all about? What are we listening too? And why is Myrna sounding like a man?" What did she just say? How did she know that it was Myrna?
With another wrench in my shit, I became terribly feared by more reasons unknown. I asked her, "How did you I mean What makes you think it's Myrna?" She chuckled slightly then stated, "Don't be silly, Myrna use to use that voice in college, don't you remember? It was one of her characters in theatre." My body shut down. "Oh my God!" Gaby shouted. I guess I was turning a new shade of brown. I leaned forward gasping for air - she was pounding on my back "Breathe Ayal! Don't you fall apart on me now! Dammit you better breathe!" She jumped out of the car and ran to my side - swinging the door open wide. Pulling me out to get air. When I looked up, she saw terror in my face. "Oh my God Ayal, what's going on?" I struggled with short breaths between sentences but managed to say, "Somebody is trying to set me up!"
"What? Who baby? What are you talking about?"
I stood erect, leaning between the door-jam and just as I raised my head, I saw a dark blue Van turn the corner. Almost in slow motion.
"It has to do with Kalia!" I choked. "Stop this!" she cried out. "You're scaring me!"
My cell starting screaming and buzzing. It was Myrna's other associate Michelle. Instructing me to go inside any one the buildings and wait for her return call. That there was a problem. Well why wasn't she calling before now?
We stepped inside of an art gallery. An employee saw us tightly bonded, then queried with concern. She offered to call the police, I refused. I couldn't take that chance. Something was terribly wrong. And I had now put Gaby in danger.
Michelle called about twenty minutes into our fear. Her voice was nervous but firm. She said, "I need for you and your friend to catch a cab down to the Marina, sit at the Barn (it's an outdoor Bar and Grill) and wait. Don't leave for any reason. I'm on my way!" I was trying to maintain sanity for the both us. I felt completely helpless. I had no protection. No clue as to what was happening and Gaby who was equally scared.
When Michelle did arrive, she was in a strange looking disguise. I barely remembered what she looked like anyway. But as she approached our table, she was wearing a shawl and big rimmed sunglasses. Clothes that were three sizes too big and way too much makeup. I really wasn't sure what to think at this point.
She hustled for cover under the huge umbrella on the sand where we were sitting. Then stood for a moment in silence glaring at me and looking around. She eyeballed Gaby as she expelled a big breath. Before sitting on a stool covered with sand pebbles, she suggested "Maybe we should talk in private!" Without delay, I blasted "If you have something to say, then say it!" The way I was feeling nothing much mattered anymore. She too was an associate of Myrna's and as far as I was concerned, couldn't be trusted either.
She stared at me with a look of contemplation. Hesitated, then fired "You don't really know me, but know that I am only here to help." Her breath slowed as she stated, "There's of whole lot of stuff happening around that you need to be aware of!" No shit! I muttered as I shook my head. "I shouldn't be telling you this, but " I stopped her opening statement. "How did you know my friend was with me?" The look she gave me was very blank and disturbing. "Have you been following me?" She avoided my questioning like the plague then turned her attention to Gaby but eyeballing me.
"Listen, I received a call on your behalf. We need to talk now!" I suddenly flashed back to Myrna making a comment that if ever she needed a favor, Michelle is who she would call. This had to be very serious. So I adjusted my seat and gave her a chance to state her claim.
She bit at the tip of her finger nails. Then carefully selected each word of thought "You're in danger. And honestly, I'm not sure of how much!" I questioned her intentions with my eyes. She folded hand over hand, then continued, "You have become a target in a triangle!" I leaned forward, "What the do you mean triangle?" She was reluctant in defining that statement.
My defense kicked in "Where is this coming from? Did Myrna send you here?" She looked at me with absolutely no expression. Like I was talking to myself. So I screamed on her "How you just goin' show up after how long? and tell me some shit like this! My fist was balled in a tight knot. I would've felt much better reaching across the table and cracking her cranium. Gaby felt it too, so she palmed my hands. "You don't know me! and "
Michelle stood and interjected squinting her eyes and pointing her finger at my face. She viciously growled, "First of all, don't chu' ever try to slam me. I came here as a fava' to save yo' ass. I could sit back and watch these people do what they do! But I don't like what I see. And I may be the only one that can stop it!"
Aaah, it was my turn now "Who the fuck do you think you are?"
She rotated, then paused, "Listen, I know your upset and don't know me from Eve. But the way I see it. You got two choices. You can sit cho' ass down, shut up and listen or watch cho' own damn back!"
With only two choices I tucked my tail and surrendered because I didn't what to do, who else to trust or where to turn. I sat my ass down and learned word from word
"People want you out of the way so you need to pay close attention and do exactly what I tell you from this point on." I lowered my head and queried "Who? What people?"
Again she ignored my questioning. "First off, my name is not Michelle, it's NŽichel. NŽichel de Vaca, Prosecution Investigator. I've been working with some Detectives in a case that unfortunately involves others in your little circle!" Gaby squeezed my hand and spit "Do you know how much we been through? You need to come with more than this shit here!" Wow, She said we. That spurt shocked me.
Michelle, I mean NŽichel clenched her jaws at Gaby then completed her thought "This is a very complicated matter. This investigation has been ongoing for " I cut her off cause I was heated, "I don't give a damn if your space ship just landed on this planet. What does your presence have to do with me?" Before she could respond, our meeting was interrupted by a thin, pale faced white girl dressed like one of the cafe waitresses. NŽichel greeted this chick with a head bow, then turned to me "Ayal, this is Detective Dana Tracey." I grabbed Gaby by the arm "Com'on," raising her up from the bullshit that was sticking to the bottom of our shoes. Gaby and I looked at each other in shock. Tracey that was one of the names that came up on tape. I jumped out of my chair, knocking it over "What kinda fucking games are you playing here? If there ain't no points to yo' tale, then you need to leave me the fuck alone!"
Dic Tracey quickly bent over to pick up the chair that had attracted a few beach dwellers nearby. Gaby snatched my hand like a child, pulling me along leaving footsteps in the sand. "Ayal!" NŽichel yelled out. "Just hear me out!" I didn't want to hear anymore. We kept steppin'. Gaby flagged a cab down as soon as we hit concrete. Suddenly she stopped in her tracks "I don't know what to say to you right now, but whatever shit just fell from your closet, you better find away to clean it up!" My pitiful state reached out to her but she pulled away. "Gaby, I don't know what's going on. You know me better than anybody" She stood with arms folded. "Please baby! I need you by my side. I can't handle this by myself." She huffed at me twice then squenched her eyes, refusing to say another word.

I was totally discombobulated especially after that meeting.
Several days had passed and Gaby still hadn't talked to me.
On top of that I was having trouble sleeping, so my mind was working overtime. Paranoia and insomnia was now taking its toll.
I had become greatly troubled by comments NŽichel made. As I pondered everything that was happening to me, my focus had become quite clear. So I grabbed a note pad from my office and began drafting my thoughts. What I didn't understand was if Myrna called Von to help me, why was NŽichel here? Where is Von? And where is Myrna? And how did my problem suddenly become a great concern of NŽichels? Why did Myrna introduce NŽichel as someone else? And who called NŽichel? I needed more.
By daybreak, I had filled that note pad with at least a hundred questions. It was time to get some answers. I got up, took my shower, fed the cat, poured some coffee and hit the internet. Started my own investigation. Somebody was going to tell me what was going or I was definitely going to jail.
Gaby refused to answer my calls, so I kept on with what I needed to do. I decided to call NŽichel.
Within the next couple of days is when she agreed to meet with me at the courtyard park. I didn't like the idea of talking to any kind of cop, but I needed to know her angle.
I decided to bring along the tape that fueled the fire. The same tape with Tracey's voice. The same tape spoken in code. She would have to react.
As she sat and listened, she wrote notes in a little black book. Her response was still and empty. By the end of the message she turned to me with that same blank face.
She shifted her position on the bench, glanced at the ground then up at me. Her right hand drummed her chin. The left tapped the table with a pen. About five minutes of this zoned gaze, she pushed a ragged piece of paper across the table at me
I gave the meanest look my face could pomp, "What the hell is this supposed to mean?
"This note Ayal," she picked up and twirled between her fingers, "Signifies a squad hit!"
"What are you talking about?" I was on the edge of my seat, challenging my own patience. My fist was once again balled tightly into a knot. I was ready to pounce her.
Just then she opened her hand to me. "Please Ayal, have a sit. I won't go on if your going to lose control. I have a lot of things to do in a very short time frame. Please, sit down."
I was so inflamed, my eye wells filled with tears. "Not until you tell me what the fuck is going on!" With a mask of stone she starred directly into my eyes. And without a blink, she proclaimed, "Kalia isn't dead!"
I felt my heart drop. "What!" I shouted. Very calmly she repeated, "Kalia isn't dead!"
Completely baffled. I screamed at the top of my lungs "What the fuck do you mean Kalia's not dead? Then who in the hell is at the hospital under a sheet?" I gasped for air as panic took over "Kendra!" There was a moment of complete silence.
"No, that couldn't be possible. I saw Kendra at the hospital!" I took another deep breath then demanded, "Who called me from the hospital?"
"Kristle! It was Kristle!"
"No way I swear it was Kendra!"
"Ayal, it was Kristle. She was picked up this morning on a tip."
"And you knew this for how long?" NŽichel moved around me to pat my shoulders. I jerked away. "Don't chu' fucking touch me!" I distant myself from her. "Then where in the hell is Kalia?" Still ignoring my questions, she kept dropping bombs.
I don't know what was said after that. Her voice had become harsh and crackled. My thoughts had once again become still.
I walked away pacing in front of a big tree. She attempted to explain her agenda "When I first met you, I was working on a priority case that contained a series of professional flaws. Flaws that became relevant to this case." She paused, checking for my response. "Kristle's previous acts of violence coincided with a memorandum faxed to my office in reference to recent criminal activities. Not only in my jurisdiction but within the department. When you told Von about all of these strange events that were taking place around you, I dug a little deeper but I had to be cautious about who I was dealing with as well!" She turned to walk away.
"So what about Von and the rest of your posse? Are they a part of this too?"
She took a hesitated breather, "I can't tell you that. The only I thing I am at liberty to say is that you have attracted a circle of do-getters."
"This Dic that keeps calling my house, what's that all about?"
"Someone has been calling you?
"Yeah, I told Von that too?"
"Humph" was all she said. Then pulled out her black book again. "How many times has this ahh Dic called you? Do you have a name?"
"No, but you should. He's on the tape. You work with them don't you?"
"Humph" is what she said again. "Do you mind if I keep the tape?"
"Hell yeah I mind. It goes in a locker - just in case."
After the third "Humph" she ran her hand over her face. Maybe I touched a nerve. She stood, looking at me as if she had a thought. Then turned, lowered her shades and said, "Don't talk to anybody about this!"
As she closed this presentation of inevitable torment, my heart slowed. As we parted, I yelled out "So what am I supposed to do?" I could see her eyebrows grow together as she peeped over her shades, "Go see your friend. I'll be in touch." Although her sincerity seemed genuine, it was still very questionable.
The entire day had my mental screwed completely. I hit the speed dial for Gaby's number, then blew off the call and drove by instead. When I arrived, she was out front sitting on the porch. Looking lost and deceived. Her head rose as I slowed to park. She stood and adjusted her dress but then sat again. I waited a few minutes in the car unsure of what to expect next. I visually inspected the block for any unfamiliar faces and whatnot. Everything seemed cool. I glanced over again and this time she stood with a warm smile. As I stepped out of the car she approached me in calculations. My two steps to her three. It was always the little things that made our thing feel right.
I followed Gaby into her place, where at least for the moment, I could rest my head. As soon as we entered her space my cell buzzed. I excused myself to use the bathroom where I read a text message from the MIA - Myrna Veers, apologizing for abandoning our friendship. I instantly deleted the data.
As the night fell. Gaby tried very hard to occupy my mind. From watching standup comedy, to assembling puzzles. We even set up camp in her backyard.
From the first day we met, this women wanted to make love. And tonight should have been perfect . But this nonsense had me so tired that my energy level was extremely low. And as much as I wanted to I couldn't. It wouldn't have felt right. Instead we soaked in the tub together. We ended up stretching out on the floor until I passed out. She stayed at side the entire evening. Holding me gently and caressing me softly.
All throughout the night, I had reoccurring nightmares of Kalia laying in the bloody streets of death. No matter how hard I tried to shake this craziness, it wouldn't go away.
By morning, I was still determined to get to the bottom of this. I decided not to disturb Gaby in the earliest of sunrise. Instead I took a shower in her quest bathroom, then called that a-hole Dic Shimmel. As I punched the end button on my cell, I was startled by Gaby's presence in the doorway. "I know you're not trying to leave here without me!" My frown slowly inverted to a smile. I was searching for an excuse when she cut me short, "I'm sorry baby I " I placed my finger over her lips as she sighed. "This is about me. I don't want you to get hurt." She stood before me with much sista-tude. Ready to roll, she softly insisted that, "If we're going to get through this, we're going to do it together." She grabbed her jacket from the hall closet and keys off the counter and was out the door before me.
As soon as we arrived at the station, we were greeted by a different Dic. The one with the raspy voice. First he looked over Gaby then at me. Stuck out his nasty hand and made his introduction, "I am Detective Noguchi. I will be sitting in on this file update. Have a seat. Detective Shimmel will be in soon."
While we waited in their conference room, we leaned back in some very comfortable chairs. Drank their coffee and ate up their donuts. A few minutes later, that a-hole Detective Shimmel entered and he wasn't a happy camper. He was still searching: for a clue, a suspect, a bottom-line.
Nigouchi followed him in. Smirking at me. "I see you brought your witness for the day!" My response was, "I didn't come here for anything other, so lets get on wit' it!"
Shimmel stopped Nigouchi short of his snobbish remarks, then threw a large manila envelop on the table. It was stamped in big red letters
Carlsbad County
Women's Correctional Facility
Nigouchi placed two other large envelops marked "Confidential" on the table. They were of Kristle and Kendra's past and present. Next he spread pictures of Kristle, Kalia and Kendra that almost immortalized the three as triplets. Waiving his hand in the air as if he was conducting an orchestra, he asked me, "What was your relationship with these girls?" Like I said, I didn't come here for any shit! So I told Shimmel directly that, "If he wants to ask twenty questions, then he needs to ask my attorney!" He made eye contact with Nigouchi then stated to me "We just wanted you to see what we have on file. Anything may jog your memory!" He then moved to open the door "You are free to go at any time!"
I stood up, Gaby pulled me down. Neither one us could believe what we saw. There was a moment of hesitation. Then with shaky hands, I picked out of the pile a picture of what looked like Kalia. I spotted another small envelope. The first thing that poured out was the picture of death. A pasty corpse, captured in a black and white still frame. Everything around me was unfolding like a movie of the week - except this was my life. Shimmel slammed his hand over the pictures and barked, "You need to take a close look at this picture!" He was staring me down. "Does this look like someone you know?" Well yeah, it did. But as I looked closer, I noticed a small mole behind her left ear. It wasn't Kalia! It was Kendra. How come I never noticed before.
The more Nigouchi attempted to insult my intelligence the more I tried to remember were I saw his dirty face.
Gaby's focus was locked in on Shimmels demeanor as he was pointed out more explicit details. Nigouchi interjected, "According to the girls' mother, Kalia never had any distinctive marks You should know that!" I stood up again and shouted back, "Don't you tell me what I should know!" Gaby stopped me in mid argument.
"Don't incriminate yourself! Shut up and sit down. Better yet go call your friends!"
So I did.
We stepped into the ten chair lined hallway and waited for NŽichel to call back. My mental was rewinding every detail of six years. The more I reviewed these files, the less I actually knew about Kalia. So where in the hell was she?
NŽichel couldn't make it, so once again it was Von to the rescue. Her timing was perfect. It was just before I punched Nigouchi in his forehead and just before I was pad locked for assaulting an officer.
The three of us swiftly returned to the room where the natives were definitely restless. In walked another party from their crime unit, a Detective Alex Whitman. When he stepped in, my eyes opened wide. I've seen this jerk somewhere before too. I was thinking hard and long but couldn't place him to save my day.
He smoothly coasted around the table and stood between Shimmel and Nigouchi. Then slid an opened briefcase to the far end where we where sitting. Von became my mouth piece and third eye. We all peered as Dic Wit introduced his evidence. Their investigation had now concluded that Kristle was the primary factor in this ordeal.
She deliberately planned the execution of her sister with promises to her ex-crackhead boyfriend (who has yet to be found) an undisclosed profit of Kalia's valuables.
Dic Wit announced that "Not only did she have a motive, but an intent as well!"
His piercing glare was directed at me "We also have a witness that holds the key to locking up somebody in the near future!" Before I could stretch my mouth to say everything negative to this mofo, Von stood up and stepped in, "Enough said! You have nothing to prove. And we have played this game once before Detectives. Let me strongly advise that you claim no further contest against my client!" With that said, we all stood and exited like three the hard way.
I was digging the hell out of Vons' style. She intimidated the best of em. But of course I couldn't depend on secrets with her and should have known that all of this would get back to NŽichel. And she was furious. Before I could get out the station good, she was buzzing my phone, huffing at me like she was my mother, "Your interference is going to get your ass locked up or killed! I told you to keep your butt at home and talk to no one!" She continued flapping her jaws. Everything I heard thereafter was blah, blah, blah. All I could think about was what else could be in those folders.
As time went on, there was less and less contact from all parties and that was fine by me. Whatever was going on, was going on undercover.
Somebody above had to be looking after me, because I never heard anything else from NŽichel. I guess it was time to get on with my life. It was time to do everything new.

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