All of the headaches have gone and someday the pain will too. I still donít know what happened and itís probably best. At least now I have time to stress less and enjoy life more.
Gaby was still at my side, taking better care of me now than ever before. Sunday-to-Sunday cooking, cleaning and laundering. Her songs were so much brighter. She was in now and had claimed her prize in every sense.
We finally joined forces and settled down. Ended up selling both of our homes and moving to Florida along with two girls and a boy that we adopted. Oh and my cat.
I did retire from the corporate world. Decided that I could do so much better. Gaby's business was good. Not only bigger and better, but of course out the zone!.
We even opened three new locations: Atlanta, San Francisco and New Orleans.
FLORIDA was a big move for me but I finally settled down and adjusted to a new life. I was even getting comfortable sitting on the front porch in the morning sipping hot butter-rum mocha and absorbing the southern coast rays. I had now become a creature of habit, watching my wife and son every morning climb into the Land Rover and begin their day. Even sitting an additional hour watching on my two girls run out of the house excited to walk to school with their new found friends. They had no problems adjusting to our different way of living.
Two years have past since we moved from Cali and everyone here has been real kind and courteous, something you don't find in the big cities anymore. We all made new friends and had our own agendas.
The day we moved in, the welcome committee (I mean the neighborhood watchers) were standing or passing the driveway greeting us with bright smiles and funny faces. It felt good to know that people still cared or just plain nosey which was cool too because my family was happy.
During our meets and greets, I noticed that a cab had pulled up and parked two houses over but no one ever got in or out. I didn't pay it much mind at first until the next few days when it was there again.
Mysterious encounters occurred over a period of time. One day I was out watering the grass and talking with a neighbor when I got a glimpse of the cab driver that definitely looked like someone I've seen before. Each time we made eye contact, the cab would speed away. Days, even months went by that the same cab would be parked either across the street or diagonal from my house again with no passengers. My first thought was perhaps he was self-employed or visiting somebody on the block, since there were several new families we hadn't yet met and this was a new community. Until this cab started driving by and stopping too often.
Suspicion kicked in the day this driver pulled up as I was running down the street behind my son and asked me for directions to downtown while talking on his chirp. He's in the business of knowing the streets. Why in the hell was he asking me.
I was already headed down the block so I decided to speak with the neighborhood deputy who lived a few houses over. Apparently he too found something peculiar about this parked cab on a regular basis. And at some point, he put the local boys to work. My concern was not only for the safety of my family, but for the other kids on the block as well. Who knew what this fool was up to?

Key West is a beautiful place to be especially downtown Market Place. It's the spot on the weekends. Good food, live entertainment and very festive. Everything you want and don't need is here in a cart, hanging by a string, in a bag or prepared to order. Gaby and I was spending entirely too much time down here, 'cause most of, if not all of the vendors knew us by name.
On one of our adventurous weekends, we stopped by our favorite market. When I suspected that we were being followed. I never noticed before and it didn't occur to me until now that this was the same scruffy looking face from the dark blue Van.
I had no idea how long we were being monitored and I didn't want Gaby to freak out. So I casually pulled her along with me into Jobo's restaurant where we got a table in the back. I had Gaby order some eat while I excused myself to call upon an old acquaintance.
Apparently he had been eyeballing us for a while. We've been routinely visiting this spot for almost two years and most of the faces were pretty familiar.
I received a return phone call shortly after dinner and was instructed to go about our regular activities. "Don't change up and make him nervous. He already knows your routine.Ē After hearing that, I decided that it would be best to leave the kids with Gaby's brother Zali who lived on the north side of town.
Every weekend like clockwork we made our routine runs: drop off the kids off at Zali's, have breakfast, pick up our dry cleaning and whatnot then going into town. Visit and revisit everything from Zabotini Imports to Dally's World Finest Chocolates.
On one particular week day, people were shuffling along like cattle. There seemed to be more folks on the sidewalks than usual. Suddenly I was feeling a bit uneasy as my thoughts became preoccupied by the presence of a ghost. While walking and talking with Gaby I kept seeing this woman mysteriously appear and disappear into the crowd. This was starting to spook me. As we stopped to pick fresh vegetables and sample fine wines and cheeses, I glanced around the crowd - she was gone. Just as we were circling some tasting tables, a woman wearing all black and emitting a defined fragrance brushed me. The same fragrant Kalia wore. I was either on the verge of another breakdown or somebody was playing nasty games. Either way - I didn't care for it.
We continued on cruising the food quarters when I saw her again several tables across from us. Fear must have shown in my eyes along with the sweat pouring down my face because when Gaby looked at me she almost choked. She stepped in front of me palming my face "Baby, what's wrong? You look like you saw a ghost!Ē I did and didn't know how to explain it or if I should. I stood there in total shock. I closed and opened my eyes. I searched around and over people nothing. Gaby, not really knowing what else to do, grabbed my arm and pulled me outside for air. Just as I caught my breath, I spotted that woman walking briskly, almost running through the crowd across the street but she was too far ahead to catch. This was bullshit. Somebody was fucking with my head and I didn't like it. I didn't like it at all.
When we returned home I headed straight for the bar in our den and fixed me a drink. This was definitely becoming a problem because it's been a long time since I had a drink. Luckily, I kept my dads house warming gift Courvosier. As I poured, Gaby called everyone from my past that she knew. Even took the bottle from me after the third glass.
She called my parents in Cali first. Mom called my doctor. The doctor recommended drugs or the nut house. My moms told my dad who suggested a lobotomy or a bottle in front of me. I was already working on the next to last suggestion. Then she called for NŽichel. This was bullshit!
It was close to midnight when the house phone started ringing. Fortunately, the kids were still at Zali's. Unfortunately, Gaby was just as nervous and now pacing the floor with me.
Von and NŽichel had caught a cab from the airport and was in route - calling. After three or four knocks, I staggered to open the door and NŽichel was already locked into my emotional distress. Von headed straight to Gaby for comfort. A few moments of greeting went by before Gaby started working the kitchen for refreshments. Von trucked along behind her. NŽichel sat on the floor in front of me with her hands on my knees. "Ayal, wats up babe? This is supposed to be a new beginning for you.Ē Glancing toward the girls' in the kitchen. She whispered, "You have my undivided attention now.Ē I didn't know where to start or what to say except "This is crazy man. I keep seeing Kalia everywhere I go. She's in my sleep. I'm being followed around town and somebody has been scoping my house. This bullshit has to stop!Ē
At one point in our conversation I was pouring out my heart. The next, daddy's cognac was talking 'cause I was feeling undaunted and ready to kick anybody's ass.

A cell phone started ringing in the distance. Von quickly dashed outside to answer. We all moved from the kitchen, to parking our behinds on the sofas in the den. Gaby sat beside me, then took a hard swig of what was my drink. Offered NŽichel her pleasure while we waited for Von to return. Then she asked how long they would be staying as she pointed down the hall toward the bedrooms. "The kids are with my brother. You can stay as long as it takes.Ē NŽichel responded by holding Gaby's hand.
Von found her way back after I had already recapped details of my latest experiences to NŽichel. During which time Gaby got up to prepare beds for our guests and suggested that we start fresh first thing in morning which sounded just fine to me.

It was a rough night for me, which meant Gaby didn't sleep either. The more I tossed and turned the more agitated she became. Curiosity was now hanging by a limb. No one ever really knew what happened to Kalia? Did Kalia's mother actually identify her body? Who was in Ojai? Whatever happened to the investigation or medical report? And where is Kalia or Myrna? Suddenly a flashback reminded me of Kalia's mother charging at me in the hospital. I don't recall any family members insisting on seeing the body. Was she really dead or was somebody playing a twisted game?

The sun was rising high in the sky as I slowly faded away. Gaby finally went to sleep. There were dried tears on her face and pillow. I just drifted in and out the entire night. Who would have ever thought one person could cause so much trouble dead or alive?
Sometime in the mid-morning I heard very heavy footsteps creeping down the hall. I knew whose they were but I was a whole lot of uneasy and my emotional state was very unpredictable. I'm no coward and fear nobody especially in my own home, but Gaby saw fear in my face for the second time and did the best thing - she waited for sleep to catch me then removed every weapon within my reach.
Two knocks on the bedroom door, a slight creek and a warm soft greeting entered the room followed by the smell of fresh coffee. Gaby didn't budge. Baby was exhausted. Up all night babysitting me. I left her in bed and strolled to the kitchen behind Von.
"Where's NŽichel?Ē I inquired. "She's out taking care of some things, she'll be back soon. Sit down with me and have some eat and coffee.Ē I like how people just take over your house, but I guess it's just as well. Neither Gaby nor me was in condition to do it and somebody had to - for now.
I liked Von in the feminine sense that she was a lot like Myrna. On a positive note, she was very calm, always the lady and knew her business. But her negative, was quiet, shifty and sneaky. You see Von, is a stunning young woman that possess a kind of coolness that is almost frightening, indomitable and complex. Her disposition makes everyone a target of corruption. Now NŽichel on the other hand, is a roughneck. Outspoken, hard bodied, surly and very intimidating. She was also very smooth and her soft side was precise, consistent and reliable. Probably the best person to know when in need.
By early afternoon Gaby made an appearance. NŽichel was returning from her business as well. Von and I were still sitting at the kitchen table. "You look like shit!Ē NŽichel politely expressed directing her focus on me as she entered the kitchen with a bag of groceries. Gaby took them off her hands. "Thank you, you're looking mighty fine yourself,Ē I replied while watching Von pour coffee for all then turning to wash the few dishes that remained in the sink. She was about to prepare lunch for us when NŽichel, who had a very distasteful look on her face, needed to share more disturbing information. "I need everyone's attention please.Ē She reached in her briefcase. "As I mentioned to you previously. I have been working a case that some how relates to your mishaps.Ē She exhaled then briefed, "With some favors, I managed to obtain a copy of the coroner's report and the medical records. Case and point: the woman's body found in the vehicle used drugs, heavy drugs as a matter of fact, there were needle tracks in her armpits and thighs. From what has reported, this was not Kalia!Ē I folded my arms over my head then laid across the table. Gaby leaned into my back. I was observing Vons's reaction as she continued, "If Kalia never use drugs as is reported, then the person or persons responsible should have known this to be a primary.Ē NŽichel kept rambling on. Von, now standing, had become mobile and uncomfortable. "Detective Shimmel claims that DMV is unable to locate the registered owner of the recovered vehicle.Ē By this time, NŽichel had also noticed Vons' change in behavior but turned her attention back to us.
Deeply focused on the file, NŽichel lifted some paperwork and flipped through the pages. But before she could continue, Von reached over Gaby and snatched the folder from her "How accurate is this report. It don't say nothing about Kalia not being dead!Ē Ooo If looks could kill, her ass was d-e-d dead!!
NŽichel snatched the folder back, glared over the rim of her glasses and continued with a hardened voice "It states here that the blood samples drawn from the car did not match the alcohol levels measured in her blood stream. Vons nasty-tude responded "Anything could've happened to her!Ē She moved around the table and directed her comment to me "For all we know she could've been killed by someone crazy!Ē
Oh, I know she didn't just accuse me and in my house. NŽichels' face equally heated to three shades of rage. When I stood up she quickly backed up and made her way to the front door. That was the safest place for her. But before I could reach out and touch her, I heard two doors slam - first the front door then a car door. Gaby and NŽichel ran up behind me. I turned to NŽichel "Is she crazy or something! You brought her here. You better deal wit it!Ē
With a firm grasp on that folder and a angered expression, NŽichel returned to the kitchen. Placed everything back inside her briefcase and headed down the hall to the bedroom.
I heard the chirping of a cell phone, then soft words spoken. Gaby and I were walking back to the kitchen when the floor creaked. She quickly ended her call. I turned again and she was covering a 22c in a holster just above her ankle and was placing a 9mm in a shoulder harness under her jacket. I watched her load up, then pleaded "I'm going with you!Ē "No you're not! You stay your ass here and take care of your household! I'll be back!Ē Gaby stormed out of the house and was sitting on the back porch staring at the sky holding herself and rocking. NŽichel jetted out the front door. Again I fell helpless. And once again I had no choice but to do as I was told. I went outside to sit with my baby.
We didn't hear from NŽichel for almost two days. No phone calls. No messages. Nothing. I didn't like this. I didn't like this at all. I knew I was crazy, but I had no idea of how nutty she was. All of this madness was making everybody crazy.
Worried for the both of us and falling apart by the hour, I found myself pacing less and drinking more. We had become prisoners in our own home and didn't know why. Whoever wanted me needed to leave my family out of it.
NŽichel returned exactly two days later. She didn't seem concerned with Vons absence. Nor did she discuss what happened.
When she came through my front door she summoned, "I need to talk to you two now!Ē She didn't waste anytime on chatter. We gathered around the kitchen table and listened as she announced that from this moment forward her team would be conducting their own investigation.
She pulled up a chair very close to me and opened her briefcase. Placed a pen, pad and micro cassette on the table, then started with the interrogation "Ayal, why did you and Kalia break up?Ē NŽichel looked at Gaby then back at me. I replied, "There wasn't anymore loveĒ Gaby was standing behind me with her hand on my shoulder. "Do you think her sisters could have harmed her in any way?Ē "What do you mean?Ē "Do you think Kristle or Kendra had a vendetta against her?Ē
"No, and I don't understand where you're going with this.Ē
NŽichel leaned forward clasping her hands. She glared at me as if defiance would create a counter point for self-incrimination. What she asked next totally compromised our relationship. She deliberately impugned me with, "Where were you when Kalia was found in Ojai?Ē I couldn't believe this shit. She was trying to associate me with this crime. I needed to reach out to touch her but before I could plant my fist she reckoned,
"Ayal, my questioning is not to accuse you but to assist and protect your well being by bringing closure to this madness. Please keep in mind that I am a friend, however, I'm an officer of the law first. Try not to take this personal.Ē I could feel the burn of anger in my face. Who does she think she is? I didn't call her here to insult my intelligence. So without thought I lashed back, "First of all, I didn't know she was Ojai! So maybe you should be asking the person who took her there! And second, I didn't kill her and YOU know that!Ē She knew damn well where I was, in the company of her and Myrna's posse. Come to think of it, it was around the same time I parted with Myrna that all of this weird shit started happening. Maybe I should be asking her where she was on that day. Well, before I realized it I was speaking my thoughts aloud. I found myself on the edge of my seat interrogating her
"Where in the hell were you on the night of question?Ē She looked at Gaby, then back at me completely devastated. "You have all the questions, what about some answers?Ē Because as far as I was concerned she, Von and the others were equally guilty of many things. I sat and leaned across the table propping up my elbows waiting on her counterattack. The room was extremely silent, unmoved. NŽichel made a loathsome sound while she compiled her thoughts. I squirmed around in my seat contemplating the next series of questions. After a few seconds and with extreme caution and hesitation she queried "What color was Kalia's hair?Ē
"Brown,Ē I snapped.
"According to Shimmels' report, and you do remember Shimmel, the sample of hair retrieved was black!Ē
Stressed to the max, I had no choice but to tuck my tail again and depend on the only person who could probably help. Her cell interrupted the next series of questions. She excused herself and went toward the back room again. She soon returned with phone attached to her ear. Then she laid the phone on the table - speaker up. The next set of questions came from a man's voice. The same raspy voice from the station.
"Did she ever color or bleach her hair? Did she have any tattoos. What about distinguishing marks? That was followed by, "According to statements giving by family and friends, you were supposed to be Kristle's life partnerĒ She quickly disconnected the call, then stood and leaned against the counter.
Our squinting eyes met. "That was Detective Nigouchi. I believe you met him!Ē Her disposition changed as she was now pacing the floor, reading notes from her little black book and mumbling to herself.
She toppled forward pulling two folders from her briefcase as she sat down. Inside the first folder contained a history of criminal activities. Circled at the top of each page in bold red letters was the name Kristle Denise Mason. There was several pages outlining a detailed description of charges: narcotics, shoplifting, gambling, prostitution, assault and battery along with anything else that made money. Gaby released my hand and almost fainted. I quickly grabbed her and propped her up in the chair.
I halted this craziness and walked my baby to our bedroom. She laid across the bed in complete silence. I stayed at her side and rubbed her back until she waved for me to go. When I returned, NŽichel was packing up the rest of the documents she brought that contained more vital information pertaining to this case. As she closed her briefcase, she made one final comment "We need to do this another way. I can see that this ordeal has made everyone very uneasy. So what I propose is that you allow me to bring in some assistance. We can also put your family in a protection program! Think about it.Ē
I did. I wanted to and I didn't want to. I was confused and completely distraught. Nobody was going to fuck me without me feeling good about it. So with no more said, she headed down the hall to her room. I returned to Gaby's silent cry.
It was a little before night fall and once again I couldn't rest. I laid beside Gaby for as long as I could. I was thinking very hard. And while doing so, I heard whispering in the room nearby, then silence. I also heard those big feet patter down the hallway again. This time I decided to follow.
When I heard a click from the front door close I headed out the back. I needed to know what this trick was up to. I followed her across town to a hotel in the city. This went on for several nights. The first time I spotted her, she was sitting alone in a bar, The next, there was a young woman present. Time after that she met with two women and a gentleman inside one of the local clubs. The finale came about when I saw her outside the hotel arguing with a woman who appeared to be attacking her ego. It was Von.
Like I said - Von woman is a force to be reckoned with. I realized that there was more to their business relationship than what was shown. And from what I could tell, it didn't involve me, so I pushed on.
Before I reached my home, I spotted that mysterious blue Van parked at the corner. I circled the block a time or two, then parked just around the corner a short distance behind this fool. As I sat in my car watching and waiting, another vehicle pulled up. I was absolutely certain I've seen that driver before. Sure enough, it was Dic Whitman. He was talking with the mystery man inside the dark blue Van. Just as I got a comfortable viewing position, here turns the corner - another dark vehicle. This driver stopped in the middle of the street, stepped out of the car and greeted his commandants. I'll be damned if it wasn't that a-hole Dic Shimmel.

Daylight was breaking its way through the midst and had almost blown my cover. I managed to creep home quietly before anyone noticed me.
Every event that was breaking - was breaking me too.
NŽichel hadn't come in yet as I had monitored her every step. And considering her promptness, something else was happening that interfered with our business. Something very disturbing.
Hours into daybreak, Gaby and I had become more anxious. NŽichel finally returned and appeared to be very tired and frustrated.

Nigouchi was now leaving messages on my phone. It had become crucial that my counselor and I meet with him ASAP. I left it up to NŽichel to negotiate a time and place.
Our flight to Los Angeles landed us to where this all began. Back in that white room with hidden microphones and invertible glass. Me, Gaby, NŽichel and Von sat through hours of what became a no-nonsense tale of horror.
A whole new series of photos and undisclosed torments of hatred had evolved.
Our arrival to the station was welcomed by Dic Tracey. As we walked through the narrow corridors, she spewed thrashing components of related sinister acts of violence. We entered a large white room where Nigouchi was leaning over a table spreading snapshots of a young woman's nightmare. All the life that was cut right out of her. There were deep slashes almost carvings. Both Detectives talked as folders dropped, one after another. The body of a middle-aged man. Beating so severely that the swollen skin around his eyes made him unrecognizable. His ribs cracked and caved. His chest bruised blue, green and black from repeated blows. Cigarette burns in his forehead, forearms and face. Tracey placed three more folders of horrific contents onto the table. Nigouchi lifted two profile photos of the victims. He turned his attention to me "Recognize these two Miss Ferterri?Ē I gazed past the photos towards him.
"Should I Detective?Ē NŽichel readjusted her seating and cleared her throat but never said a word. Gaby was so exasperated she sidesaddled her seat clinching her stomach. My heart pounded heavily as the shit was hitting the fan.
Deeply bewildered Tracey explained "There's more you need to know.Ē She eye checked me then with NŽichel who was exiting the room.
"Forensic lifted prints from a car belonging to Kristle's boyfriends' crackhead sister-in law and Kristle's running buddy by the name of ah...Shanice Stanson. Do you know her?Ē
"No! No I don't,Ē I snapped. Nigouchi moved around the table and held up her photo - exhibit 2A#2. Von was now eye checking me before allowing her to continuing.
"Kendra was identified as the young lady recently purchasing Red Door perfume at the same department store Kalia shopped at. The storeowner recognized her from this photo.Ē Then she waved the 5x7 before us. "She was trying to use a charge card on a closed account. Oh, and the cab driver you've been seeing is an ex con Miss Stanson knew and funded that coincidentally relocated when you did. Nigouchi raised up the second photo - exhibit 2B #2. Kristle's boyfriend.
"Stop!Ē Gaby shouted across the room, "This is ridiculous. What kind of human would do this to others it doesn't make any sense!Ē Gaby's look of concern was overwhelming. Von interjected, "What exactly is your claim here?Ē
Tracey continued, "There is obviously no way to obtain answers here. But from the evidence we gathered, these two were a high risk!Ē
"What does that mean?Ē I demanded. NŽichel was re-entering the room. Tracey lowered her voice, then concluded this nightmare with "Miss Ferterri, 2#2 is a witness drop! Let me explain. Sometimes people see or hear things they probably shouldn't have. And in this caseĒ she paused, "Well, you two are the only ones who...Ē NŽichel cut her off. "Ayal, you weren't the target!Ē I palmed my face and sighed with some relief. Reality shook me when the look she gave me in return was horrifying "Gaby is!Ē

I retorted with forced delivery "No No fuckin' way! Unacceptable!Ē I pushed away from the table and screamed out my frustration. My heart had picked up a few extra beats and tremor took over my body. Von wrapped her arms around Gaby who was now pouring tears. She frantically turned to NŽichel and cried out "You have to do something?Ē Fear was now in her eyes as the room filled with silence.
NŽichel, solid as a rock, moved between us, lowered her voice to a bare whisper, gazed over at me then asked, "What do you want done about it?Ē Gaby lunged forward grabbing NŽichel's blouse and cried out, "I don't care. I have babies at home!Ē NŽichel's eyes met mine for a response.
Feared for my family's safety I surrendered in agreement that something had to be done. "Shut it down, however you have to!Ē NŽichel nodded to Tracey who confirmed the agreement with Nigouchi.

The sun was peeking through the dawn before we actually stretched and yawned again. Just beyond daybreak, the aroma of bacon and eggs was once again teasing my nostrils. It couldn't be Von. I must be dreaming.
Half-asleep and sluggish, Gaby and I drifted through the living area and towards the kitchen where we stumbled over two packed and ready to go carry bags. NŽichel with a big smirk on her face, passed back and forth with her mobile attached to her ear mumbling something in our direction. Von totted the rest of their belongings to the foyer. (I found out later that NŽichel was putting my firearm back in its place).
Gaby and I stood in the foyer whimpering like children holding on to each other. NŽichel made several more passes before we all met up in the kitchen. Von broke our circle with a warm smile and a nervous chuckle. She shared "I never apologized for my behavior that evening. I am so sorry. I was dealing with my own personal issues. But you two Ē her eyes were filled with tears, "You make a beautiful couple.Ē Looking around at all of framed photos on the walls she added, "And you have a beautiful home here. Now bring your babies back to it!Ē Gaby also in tears raised her head high and agreed. She gave Von a big long thank you hug then ran down the hallway peeping into each of the children's rooms. She returned behind NŽichel, who was still glued to that cell. NŽichel told me that if I we ever needed anything anything just call and if she can't be here, someone will.
The last of our tears fell as three toots from a horn outside echoed. Their yellow and black chariot had arrived. I helped NŽichel load their baggage into the trunk of the cab then turned to observe the joy Von and Gaby shared again. Afterwards, I shared a see-ya hug and handshake with NŽichel. I held my wife's hand as we waived to them a farewell.
I never saw the mysterious cab nor our weekend shadow after that. I don't know what Von, NŽichel or the rest of her people had done, but I'm sure whatever it was; it was done without record.
It took a long time...before I could get back to sitting on the front porch, sipping my hot butter-rum mocha and absorbing the best costal rays on the southern sphere. But in that time, I had become another creature with new habits. Waking up with my family every morning. Walking my wife and son out. Taking my girls and their friends to school. Even greeting the mail carrier in the afternoon. I was there when my baby returned home from a full day of work.
There wasn't a day that went by that I didn't take her briefcase out of her hands and kiss her when she entered the door. Because I knew when baby was all worn out. beating down by the hectic ethics of business and power play.
Everyday, she reached out for a hug and every time her head would collapse on my shoulder. She'd squeeze me and I'd please her with soft kisses. It was my job to free her from all that bound her tasseled day.
On this one day I was getting ready to greet my boo, but was interrupted by a special UPS delivery. Dude handed me an unmarked envelope then tilted his head over towards an extremely large box towering next to him. It was from Israel and marked "Keep SakeĒ
Gaby was turning into the driveway and I know she saw me pulling this box into the house. I could see her expression through the windshield. She was so lit that she ran over all of the landscape trying to park in a hurry. I had to quickly slow her role so she didn't think it was for her.
As soon as she entered the house. She gave me a kiss and perplexed look, but curiosity superceded. "And what is this my darling?Ē she queried. "I don't knowĒ So before she could get comfortable I passed her the envelope, "Here, you open this and I'll check the box.Ē As she went to get her letter opener she yelled out, "Baby, did you check the mail?Ē I had not so I stopped to do so. I grabbed it and passed it on to her while I continued to examine the box. She shuffled through the mail and stumbled across a post card. "Um Baby, who do we know in Costa Rica?Ē She handed it to me. There was nothing on it. "Who do you suppose it's from?Ē She smiled and shook her head like she knew.
Her breathing over my shoulder had us both analyzing the card. I flipped it around, backward then forward. Nothing. Then I saw it, at the bottom of the card, upside down in small print - the letter "KĒ I didn't say anything because I knew exactly who it was. Gaby tapped my backside then walked away opening the envelope. Her scream prompted my immediate response. She was pulled out of the envelope a front page clipping from a government newspaper...

The U.S. Constitution
Supreme Court Indicts Several District Officers
FBI warrants worldwide criminal investigation of State, County and Local officials

Authorities have arrested several federal and state agents for murder. Victim advocates are demanding a minimum of twenty-five years to life.
A series of investigations were launched by a superior court judge charging several state divisions with criminal activity. Among those arrested were Businessman Manya Pehata, District Attorney Myrna Veers, Defense Attorney Alexis Draymen, Deputy Supervisor Mark Shimmel, Congressman Stan Gilding, and Detective Alex Whitman.
State law requires mandatory imprisonment without bail pending further investigation.

We jumped for joy. At last, the madness was over! Gaby's eyes were so full of water, she could barely see. We were so delighted to hear good news that we pulled and tugged at that box like it was Christmas day. Rolled inside double sheets of plastic were two very, very large hand woven rugs with a small inscription on all four corners of both rugs. Written in Hebrew it read_
"Today salvation has come to this house. Luke 19:9Ē

For the rest of the evening We were buzzing with energy and excitement. It became the most spectacular moment of a life time. The kids were still with Gaby's family which left us with plenty of time to celebrate.
While she was planning the placement of her new gifts. I started preparing my best dinner ever: Cordon Bleu, Scallop Puffs, Shrimp Salad Arango and Asparagus. Dessert would follow with Rose Pedal Sorbťt smothered in Pecan cream.
Afterwards, I pulled her along to the kitchen, allowing her to inhale the finest fragrance of culinary one could ever enjoy without a two hundred dollar tag. She stepped back fully amazed, complimenting me on the arranged table setting and appreciating even more, a personal gesture of Monťt chilling on ice. She was completely overjoyed. And when I presented her with two dozen white and yellow roses she cried, "You remembered.Ē It was also our anniversary. The first one ever celebrated. This night was extra special.
I pulled out a chair and sat her down, then gently removed her shoes. As she leaned back, I massaged her feet and calves - granting this peaceful time to unwind. Served her like the queen she is then fattened her up.
With a full belly and a relaxed soul, this session was complete. We moved to the next setting. I freed her hair from a twist that accentuated an afro centric process. As we glided across the hardwood floors, I began kissing her neck and suckling her earlobes. We continued our foreplay across the wooden surface toward the bedroom.

Without delay, she unlatched the zipper on her skirt that was etched just above her silk covered knees. I unbuttoned her blouse that partly exposed her breasts. Everything about her was almost free. We worked our way into the bathroom to turn the shower on. As we fondled and kissed, I pulled on the hem of her skirt - down and over her panties. As they fell onto the floor, she tastefully teased, placing my hands between her warm silky thighs, but denying my fingers the thrill of teasing her now twitching crotch.
In the midst of passion, she stopped me. Slapping both of my hands, and pushing me away. She wanted to shower first. But I was hungry, and desperately in need to satisfy a lusting desire.
I know she felt the same. But refused to let me pleasure her until her body was relieved by penetrating pebbles beneath a heated liquid flow. So I turned within bathroom boundaries to program her favorite tunes on the digital sound box. As soon as she disappeared behind the steam, I moved to the bedside and turned down the matching chenille comforter and sheets on our personal play pen.
I nestled in our love zone and waited. Flashed back to the first day we met. How happy she was. How I needed to restore and preserve all of those precious moments. She is always so beautiful. So much so that I needed to express that to her - right then and right now.
Suddenly all of the bathroom activity halted. I raised up and attempted to approach the fully steamed water box. But before I could capture a peek at my silent beauty, she stepped into the doorway.
Draped in her favorite grape coloured robe, all of my resistance fell short. I jumped out of bed, moving behind her and palming her hips. Guiding her onto our very comfortable place of ecasty. Her skin is baby soft. My body quivered. She dropped the robe, then fell across the bed - sliding back on her elbows and raising one knee. Licking her lips and teasing painfully. Slowly, she moved her fingers down and around her breast, then over her belly until she reached a moistened clit. I fell next to her, using one hand to massage her hardening nipples and the other to increase the sexual pressure. She turned to me and kissed me with all of her passion. Shoving her tongue down my throat. Slowly circling and tasting. She tongued my body, pulling my swollen melons into her mouth. Sucking and teasing without restriction. She rolled me onto my back, climbed on top and pushed my legs wide open. I squirmed as she licked and fancied every inch of my flesh. She raised her head after every stroke - heightened by a smile. I started rocking my hips into voluptuous rhythms; fluttering and rippling as she began to suck my sweetened passage of inflamed sensations.
For the first time ever, Gaby's anxiety to manifest a succumbed passion was released. Becoming much bolder by each second, she scooched herself to the length of the bed, put an institutional grip on my thighs, pulled me into her and thrust her hot tongue inside of me. Her pulsing tongue and suction was pulling the life right out of me. She devoured my clitoris with a whirl. I recall a moment when her tongue left my pussy and my physical was being pulled to the end of the bed. Then something bigger, harder, and warm was forcing its way between my creamy lips and into my body. With one quick thrust, she pushed inches of dink inside me. Strapped with a purpose, she dipped deep but slow. In and out until all of my sex juices were released.
Suddenly, as if reading my mind, she paused allowing my elicit moans to be strangled by a valuable lesson she was in charge!
Dizzy and light-headed from all of the eruptions, my legs collapsed from an unbearable frenzy. She rested her hot body against mine, then withdrew her dink, leaving my flesh hotter than before. It took more than a few minutes for me to overcome the stinging stretch this presence caused. The intense pressure was unlike anything I had ever experienced before but damn! It felt good!
Right away, her own body was shaking under the delicious titillations of her actions. She climbed on top of me working her swollen and slippery clit all over my body. I shifted my position to accommodate her desire. I slid my hands beneath her thighs so they could rest on my forearms. So I could pull her forward. She raised her hands to her breasts and sifted those plump nipples through each finger. As I began to tickle her soft wet mound, she wiggled and squirmed, spreading her legs wider. Her eyes sparkled with lust. I used my thumbs to separate the lips, forcing her clit out and up until it offered itself to my mouth. Each stroke from my short fatty made her clit harder and full. I had Gaby singing that ole' ancient female song of satisfaction, "Eat Oooooh me!"
After two long ass orgasms, she was shaking and pleading "I need Oooooh baby " she never completed the sentence. I knew what she needed, so I elevated her hips high, then slid from under her and rotated her onto her knees. Tonight was full of surprises, because I had my dink too! I covered him with a doubled lubed jiimy, then eased him in comfortably. She gasped, I penetrated - listening to her quickening cries as her climax began to build inside. The more I dug, the more she begged, the more I skillfully plunged - deeper - in and out of her hot and wet love nest. I was rocking her so well, the sounds of her booty slapping my prick sang louder than Minnie Riperton in the key of C. I needed to see her face, so we changed positions again.
On her back she lay, cheek to my cheek, sweaty and thrilled. Committed to fulfilling a promise of joy. I continued to stick her as requested. She wanted more - pulling me in. Wrapping her legs around my neck. I banged her me like no tomorrow.
With hearts pounding, sweat poring, and bodies clapping, she hungrily controlled the internal probing even as I increased the speed. Gaby inhaled eight full inches without pretense. I fucked her so hard and long - we both embraced a climatic euphoria.
Drenched with perspiration and complete satisfied exhaustion, I managed to climb over her - untying our bind. She closed our gap, burrowing herself in my arms. As we shared a smile in a slow-eyed agreement, this well deserved moment of stormy hot sex would never be different between us.
By morning, we were feeling so good, that we decided to pick up the rest of our pieces and take a much needed vacation. I pulled the kids from school, Gaby took the cat to the Kitty Club Kennel, and together we shut down the house and headed clear across to globe to isles of Jamaica.
Today we were blessed with a new beginning.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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