by Soultrinity

I can feel you slipping from my grip
or is it me slipping from your heart
before I start to think about all that we have done
I try to see what I haven't or where I could have improved
tired to keep you in happy moods
but the more it seemed I tried, more harder it was becoming
The longer I stick around the more I see and hear people shaking their heads
and calling me dummy,
why cant she see that nothing is working,
leave her alone, just let her go you're killing yourself, you're wasting your time,
what tha fuck is wrong with you, are you blind?
Walking thru the crowd I hold my ears not wanting to hear,
but the words are crystal clear.
Have I allowed myself to fall to the feet of love that cannot be?
I'm not one to quit so I cannot retreat . .
my heart beats and I breathe for a love that can sweep me off my feet.
I have exhausted everything.. I have given it my all,
I have nothing more inside or at least that's how it seems for now.
Maybe I just need rest and will be energized when I wake..
but for now as I wander in my sleepless state,
my heart will just continue to break...

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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