by BabyGyrl

This new Life is so pleasing to me
Like a breath of fresh air...Refreshing
Yes thatís it...
Been waiting for a long see
to have the opportunity to be me
To express my every feeling
To express my every thought
To show a side I couldnít show
Well it wasnít that I couldnít show it...
More like was it going to be appreciated
I knew it wasnít and I hated it for that reason
But this is a new season
My new Life...
Whatís funny is he's back ...
Like I knew he would be....
Trying to convince me to come back on that other side
Thatís whatís funny...
Cause there is no way Iíll give this side up
Nope, nope not for a million bucks!
Cause you see on that side with him really sucks
I want to just tell him and everyone bout this happiness
and New Life I've found....
Share my Joy....
But naaaah, They wouldnít understand
How My New Life doesnít consist of a Man
This is My New Life and no one elseís...
Sit back and enjoy it and be a little selfish...
Itís My turn
Itís My turn
This is My New Life

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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