by NicholasPoet

Her eyes speak to me
Telling a story
That tale of orgasmic satisfaction
After she came that hot come
Causing her to just lay back
Covered in hot sweat
And the slippery
Oh so familiar

That kind of story
That pours out gentle words
Like thank you
I loved it
And please daddy
May I have some more

That kind of story
That looks deep into my eyes
Giving me permission
To penetrate
Deeply into her

That kind of story
That sheds a tear
Just cause she knows
I stroke a good stroke
With every stroke

That kind of story
that said
Fuck you’re gonna
Make me come again

That kind of story
that said
Damn you turned my ass out
But I will never admit it

That kind of story
that said
Okay you’ve
Served your purpose
Now leave

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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