by ComplexlySimple Me

I have all these questions in my mind…
I wonder… will you let me?
Will you let me care for, love and cherish you?
Be all the things you need me to be,
Will you let me be your support when you feel weak?
Your voice when you can’t speak?
Rub your body down with hot oil at the end of a long day,
While whispering in your ear, “Relax baby, and let it all fade away.”
Give your trust to me, and know that I will never do you wrong.
Trust the love I feel is true and real, and oh so very strong.
Let me be part of the future you crave, the house, the family and the love.
Just acknowledge the fact that maybe we were meant to be, that it is more than just love we share, the compassion, the caring, the desire, and the passion I feel for you is very real,
But tell me baby, how do YOU really feel?
I hope I don’t speak out of turn here, but I really wanna know,
Do you feel ready to give me your heart and just let it all go?
Let go of the fear and the hurt you have endured, because me, I am one of the mature,
I won’t play games with your mind and mishandle your heart,
just look into my eyes and you will know, they didn’t know how to truly love you…but I DO know.
Life is about choices and chances; I saw a chance when I found you,
A chance to give my love to someone that might be able to handle all of me,
You please me so immensely…., so intensely in every way.
I sometimes allow my imagination to run free, thinking about you and me.
So again I say…I wonder…will you let me?

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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