by Noetic

Sitting across the room from you
In a deep conversation that provokes thought...
Smiles and sparkling eyes
as I answer your questions and you answer mine
The curiosity of my eyes cant help but wander
to the lips that grace your face
The way they form with the words as you elaborate
about childhood stories, dreams, and fantasies
I can see your tongue gently graze your lips when you speak
If I kissed you, would you let me?
Would your lips taste as sweet as they look?
........I'm imagining ripe peaches, strawberries, or passion fruit.
If I kissed you, would the softness of your tongue roll into my mouth?
.......Slowly and erotic, instantly making me moist below.
Would I be able to control my body from going into that slow grind?
.......The body rocking from your hips to mine, if I kissed you.
If I kissed you, would you kiss me back?
.......I would nibble on your lower lip and suck your tongue with my lips
grabbing the back of your head and pulling you closer to me
I will be passionate, falling into you
Be submissive to you, if I kissed you.
If I kissed you, we would make love
Every time after that would feel as if it
were the first time
Still being able to feel the tingles we felt
Still being aroused
Still melt into each others arms
from the softness of your lips to mine intertwined
legs open automatically
throbbing intensely, if I kissed you
If I kissed you, a few weeks from now
we will be in love
I would hate being away from you
Catch butterflies
when I know I'll see you
Feel ill with love-sickness
if I must be without you
Even if it's for one day just because
Can't wait to see you, and
Can't wait to feel you, and
Just want to be near you.... so that
can kiss you
If I kissed you......

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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