by PoetiklyChallenge

U walk out the door
Saying U were going to the store
I knew without a kiss good-bye
I was in 4 a surprise

I looked in the mirror and I looked at me
I watch u walk up to her
I felt u cheatin

U gave her a kiss on the 4head
I felt as I tilted my head
U kiss her lips and the her face
I felt u as I embrace

U massage her shoulders and her arms
I felt u, My body was getting warm
U kissed her breast, peck by peck
I felt u, I rubbed my hands all over my chest

I felt your mouth massage each nipple
I watch u as I was rubbing my center
I felt her hands massaging your back
She moans and moans yes baby yes

U were tongue kissing her center
While rubbing her thighs
U were tongue kissing me
As my climax begin to rise

I continue to rubbed my center harder and deeper
As the taste of you tasting her was getting more sweeter and sweeter
I felt u I felt her I felt me
As we scream in xtacy

I feel the juices on my thighs as it flows
I hear u I hear her I hear me as we explode
U walk in the door calling my name
Tears flow from my eyes in shame

U say, Baby why are u staring at the picture of you and me
Cause I felt u
I felt u cheatin with me

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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