Chula Mia & Naughtydred

I dreamed I visited a country in Africa.

I looked and seemed younger but I was my current age and maturity--if that makes any sense.

Anyway, I had a young friend that took me around to different sites and the locals were cordial but seemed suspicious of my presence.

Selah Mfute was poor by American standards but her family was better off than most of the folks there.

As she took me around the neighborhood and different folks' houses I kept feeling like I was about to be jacked at any moment. Even though I wasn't blinging, it was obvious that I had access to money.

Anyway, Selah was all boy crazy and told me she loved to give head. LOVED IT!! Asked me if I did too...but I didn't answer her. She just kept going on and on about sex. Finally, I told her I didn't get down like that and swore her to secrecy about me. She promised to keep my secret only if I showed her how to be with a girl.

She was perfect...tall and slender with a bubble booty, dark with flawlessly smooth, clear skin. Contradicting everything else about her, her hair was a mess and I couldn't help wanting to see her crowing glory frame her beautiful ebony face.

To keep from being obvious, I mentioned I wanted an authentic African braid job so she took me over to friends of hers and treated her to a fresh 'do as well. We both got our hair braided in these intricate cornrow patterns that made her look like the regal descendent of queens that I knew her to be and yearned for her to realize.

Earlier, when we left from her parent's house she was wearing a modest shift that hung on her slender frame - completely concealing her lovely body. I suspect her father saw to it that her closet contained nothing but clothes that would keep her his little girl forever. If only he knew...

Within two blocks, she dragged me into an abandoned structure where she kept the clothes she borrowed from a friend. Like a magician, she quickly shirked the shift and dressed in a tight fitting shirt and short skirt. I tried desperately to look away but my eyes kept drifting over the curve of her calves, to that perky round booty to the deep arch in her lower back. She never noticed. The whole time she went on and on about boys - how she loved to tease them, and how easy they were to arouse.

As she told me how much she loved when the boys called after her I couldn't help wanting to give her the attention she seemed to crave. I also couldn't help the jealousy I felt coursing through me and quickly adjusted the 'tude I knew was written all over my face.

Her beauty was breathtaking. Almost the moment we stepped onto the street and I was scared for us both...on the corner there were some hungry looking dudes. But mama don't take no mess. They never disrespected her with words- but their expressions revealed every thing they longed to do to her.

She took me to a High Life club called 'Konadu' where the music was festive and the ginger martinis were cold. We danced and sipped till we were both glowing at which point Selah grabbed my hand said, "It is now time for you to keep your end of our bargain."

The look in her eyes told me that we had better exit now cause she had plans.

Once we got into the street, we could not let on the heat between us though I was nervous as hell. I hailed a cab for us to go to my cabin in an American Safari resort. As soon as we walked in Selah began marveling at my digs while removing her clothes. I found myself almost slack jawed at the fullness of her beauty. She stepped to me and kissed me softly. Something told me she had been with a woman before.

Selah led me over to the edge of my bed as we laid down continuing our kisses. She wrapped her long chocolate legs around mine and began to grind her already wet pussy down on me hard as our tongues twirled and hands roamed. She unbuttoned my shirt as I leaned in attacking her nipples. I sucked and flicked her hardening nips sending sharp sensations through her. I kissed my way down to her belly, stopping for a moment to bury my nose against her bush, inhaling her sweet essence before gently kissing the inside of her thighs, preparing her for how hot my mouth was going to feel.

Selah spread her legs, writhing with anticipation of what was to come next. I parted her pretty pussy lips with the tips of my fingers, ran my tongue along her slit and flicked her clit a few times with an upstroke that made her coo. I continued to massage her stiffness with the tip of my tongue as I slid two fingers deep into her wetness and began to slowly dip in and out.

Silah arched her back, inviting me to explore her even deeper. She was so tight I thought she was going to break my fingers with her taut pussy. With my lips and tongue sucking and lashing at her clit, I got up on my knees and curved my 2 fingers upward, stroking deep finding the true depth of Selah. She bolted upward on her hands and looked me in the eye as though she could not believe how good this felt but her words were to the contrary.

Believing this to be the most passionate, erotic session I have had with a woman in such a long time I was crushed as I watched Selah run to the bathroom. She called out to me to hurry. If we leave right now, we can get back to the club before closing time. She said that we'd have time for more dancing except I knew she wanted to avoid suspicion by having people see her leaving the club before going home.

Confused and more than a little hurt, I still understood I was in a different place and culture was insensitive if not intolerant of girls who love girls so I swallowed my pride and took her back to the club. During the drive back, Selah carried on like nothing happened as I drove in silence. Cursing myself for getting caught up, I sat at the table pounding ginger martinis as if they were about to become extinct. How stupid could I have been? Not only did I put myself in danger by revealing myself to her, but I went and fall head over heels for a straight woman from Africa whom I may never see again. It was so out of character for me. I would never have put myself in this predicament back in the States. What an idiot!

As I watched her grinding some buck on the dance floor, I could not help snicker at my stupidity. I deserved everything I was getting. Lessoned learned. Finally, Selah came back to the table - took one look at me and said she'd better take me to her house. I was obviously in no shape to drive.

Still smarting from the evening's events, all I could muster was a sarcastic, "A crash might actually hurt less than this bullshit." Instantly I regretted it and mumbled a weak, "Sorry." She pretended it didn't phase her. She put my arm around her neck and supported me by my waist as she steered me to my car. Within minutes we arrived at her modest house and I was sobered. How selfish of me. I have no idea what her life is like here. I had no right to make her feel obligated to me in any way. After all, I'm leaving in a day on a first class flight back to live my comfortable life as an out and proud black woman.

The last thing I wanted to do was cause her more strife so as quietly as I could, I made my way to the sofa and wait for sleep to come. Just as I was about to fall into oblivion, Selah bent down to whisper in my ear... "My body is still on fire. You are every woman I have ever fantasized about and I will always love you for today."

The tears in her eyes ripped my heart apart and I knew I was forever changed by here. I would leave tomorrow. No way could I spend another day here if I couldn't spend it enveloped between her thighs and kissing her full lips. Silently crying, I replayed the day over and over in my mind as I fell deeply into sleep.

Sharply awakened by a shrieking sound, I bolted up only to find I was in my own bedroom. What the!?? It was all too real to be a dream. Still groggy and confused, I reached to turn off the alarm clock and saw my suitcases neatly stationed by my bedroom door and my traveling outfit hanging smartly on my walnut valet. Laughing, I thought to myself I must be really excited about my trip to Kenya. Even managed to have a wet dream about it! Sheesh...mental note. Must stop working so hard and date more often. Still the dream was a doozy. My head hurt and I awoke in tears. I seriously need this vacation to get away from it all. My laptop, pda and cell phone are all staying right here in Philly. This time off will be spent on nothing but adventure.

I spent most of the daylong flight trying to grasp the most tantalizing bits of my dream as I dozed in and out. When we landed and hustled thru customs I found the stand for the shuttle to my hotel. When it arrived I climbed on board and settled in with my luggage. Just before it took off and tall dark-skinned young woman ran up and knocked on the window. The driver seemed like he knew her and stopped, opening the doors for her.

"Ah Selah, I see you are running late again today, huh?" the driver said as she plopped in the seat across from me.

She smiled widely and asked me, "Hello Miss, Is this your first time in Kenya?"

The End

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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