Averie Wilson

I awakened this morning to the rumble of thunder outside my bedroom window. A flash of lightening momentarily brightened the room. I retreated under the comfort of my oversized blankets, pulling one of the satin covered pillows into my arms. It was at that moment that I decided I needed a day free from work, free from everything. I made a couple of phone calls to the office and sent a few follow-up emails from my laptop. Voila, it was done. Not able to remember the last Tuesday that I slept past sunrise, I closed my eyes and allowed the pitter-patter of the rain to carry me back to sleep.
Now, reawakening, it is daylight, though the sun hides behind clouds. I have joyfully slept away most of the morning, now I want to joyfully soak away what is left of it. I walk into the bathroom and turn on the water in my oversized garden tub. As it fills, I turn on the mini-disc changer. "You're ruling the way that I move and I breathe your air" floats across the steam-filling room. "You only can rescue me…this is my prayer," I chime in with all the passion of Sade but not quite the same vocal skills. Sade is my relaxation therapy. So it is only appropriate that I have Lovers Live in rotation.
I light a few scented candles around the tub and pour chamomile bath beads and bubbles into the water. I retrieve my silver bullet from the nightstand and place it by the tub next to the new Teri McMillan novel that I've been meaning to start. Hell, I may as well really relax. I step up onto the corner of the tub reaching to slightly crack the window allowing more of the sound of the rain to escape into the room. Sade and a rainstorm, oh I am in heaven.
As the tub fills, I quickly disrobe and climb into my liquid oasis. I slip further in so that the jets can massage all of my tensed muscles. My eyes close soaking up the moment. I allow my hands to caress my body. Ummm. It has been so long since anyone has caressed my body. I reach over and grab the silver vibrator. One hand reaches for my lonely nether region, tracing the outline of my slit. I find my clit only slightly aroused so I pay it some much-needed attention. I stroke it with slow, steadied strokes until it becomes completely erect. I slide the bullet in between my legs and turn on the vibrations. I hold it directly on my clit playing with the speed. Slow, then fast and back to slow. I tilt my head back allowing the feeling to completely consume me. I let out low moans. I feel my orgasm nearing when I am suddenly startled to attention by a voice, "Ms. Wilson, I'm sorry I didn't know you were going to be home today."
Dazed, I open my eyes and sit up to see Rachel Brooks standing in the doorway. Shit. Shit. Shit. It's Tuesday. My housekeeper comes every Tuesday. How could I forget that she was coming today? I quickly realize that sitting up has exposed my breasts so I lean back in the water and try to regain my composure.
"Oh Rachel … no I'm sorry I took the day off and I completely forgot that you were scheduled to come today," I say completely frazzled, not sure just how much of my bath she'd witnessed.
She steps into the bathroom. I fumble in the water for the still vibrating bullet. Damnit, it rolled to the other side of the tub out of my reach. I hope the jets of the tub hide the buzzing in the water. I eye the room for my towel. I take notice that it's across the room on the sink.
"Well, I usually start upstairs here in your room, but I can start somewhere else today if you'd like," she says stepping farther into the room.
"Yeah, that's probably best. You can start downstairs. That'll give me a chance to finish up my bath and get out of your way," I say, still flustered
I thought Rachel would retreat, leave me to sort out my own embarrassment. She instead walks over to the stereo mounted by the mirrored vanity. "I see you like Sade. I like her too. You know you kinda look like her when you wear your hair pulled back." She pushes some buttons on the stereo. "This is my favorite though," she says as Is it a Crime begins to play.
"Do you like this song? I do. I like the lyrics… ‘Is it a crime that I want you and I want you to want me too?'" she says half singing, half talking. She looks at me quizzically. I'm shocked at her boldness. Rachel Brooks, a 20-something Graduate student working in her family's business, has been my housekeeper for over a year now. I've often watched her from a distance, but certainly she is not flirting with me now.
"Well, anyway, I should get started downstairs," she says but does not move. She crosses her arms and continues staring at me as if she is searching for some alternate directive.
"Yes, that's a good idea, you should get started downstairs," I say.
She smiles and walks towards the tub. "Unless of course, you're sure you don't want me to start in here?" She sits on the side of the tub and parts the dissolving bubbles.
"Uh Rachel…I'm not sure what you're doing but I like men…" Damnit Averie, "I like men" what kind of a protest is that?
She smiles again. "I think you know what I'm doing, I've seen you looking at me… and I like men too. But I'm liking you right now." Yes, I do know what she's doing and I like it. The feeling of awkward embarrassment is quickly overtaken by other feelings as our eyes meet and speak in understood silence. She playfully splashes the water at me as her hand disappears out of view. She cups my right breast. I bite my bottom lip. Her thumb outlines my now erect nipple. We both watch the water ripple from the movement. Her hand leaves my breast and fumbles deeper into the water. Suddenly, I feel light vibrations on the heel of my foot. She found my bullet. My foot jerks at the tickling sensation. She rolls it up my foot around my ankle, past my calf, stopping only momentarily at the bend of my knee before continuing up my thigh, finally stopping between my legs.
"Why don't you finish what you started," she directs.
I reach down and spread myself allowing the bullet to vibrate directly on my clit. She guides my hand to the vibrator.
"Here…I want to watch you," she says releasing her hold and sitting back. She observes my obedience before standing. "I'll give you some inspiration," she says as she steps out of her shoes. She stands before me in a white baby tee and low-rise blue jeans.
She begins to undress with the seduction of a seasoned temptress. She pulls her tee over her head and tosses it to the floor. Rachel unzips her pants and slides them over hips that offer slight resistance. Stepping out of her jeans, she kicks them to the side leaving her covered only by matching bra and panties and a deep black tribal tattoo that plays chase around her midsection. Her olive colored skin looks good against the stark white lingerie. She reaches up and unclips her hair setting free long dark locks that fall perfectly into position. Her barely C breasts remain nestled comfortably behind the white lace bra. But her more than ample hips scream for release from the confining underwear. I continue to pleasure myself and she continues to seduce.
She sits along the side of the tub and positions her legs open. Her hands run across thighs that look like they alone could carry the weight of the world. She slides her panties to the side exposing a neatly trimmed black bush that disappears onto neatly shaven lips. She spreads herself open exposing soft pink flesh that seems to beat to its own heartbeat. I fondle my breasts as now more than just my clit needs to be touched. She watches me watching her. She slides a finger into her opening and her walls clamp down upon it. With this I let out a moan. She repeats her action with two fingers. My moans become louder. I carry my nipple to my mouth and lick. She reaches over and opens the drain allowing the water to race out of the tub. She steps out of her remaining clothes and climbs in facing me. Our legs become intertwined. The water slowly uncovers our nakedness. I struggle to control a building orgasm. My legs quiver. Rachel holds my knees apart as the water level dips below my hips. Bullet on clit and fingers in opening I work for my release.
"Let me see it," Rachel says. I close my eyes. My pussy tightens against my own fingers."Oh yeah…let me hear it," she instructs.
I let out loud screams as my orgasm reaches it's full potential and arrives. My whole body shakes as I clutch the side of the tub. Rachel reaches for my hand and I clutch that as well. I lay with my eyes closed. Rachel leans back and runs her fingers along the silhouette of my legs. Skin still sensitive, I tremble. She pulls me into her. I rest my forehead on her shoulder until normal sensation returns.
We sit breast-to-breast, stomach-to-stomach, legs overlapping. I run my fingers through her long locks. She runs her fingers over my breasts. I grab her face and slide my tongue into her mouth. She allows my tongue to guide hers in deep passionate kisses. I slowly suck her bottom lip as my fingertips spell my name on the small of her back. My mouth moves to her neck and continues with the same deep passionate movements. My hands find the roundness that is her ass and gently squeeze. I move my mouth to her breasts. My tongue flicks large dark brown nipples that pattern large dark brown eyes that follow my every movement. My mouth suckles every part of flesh that it finds.
I motion her to stand before me. I rise to my knees. I nuzzle my nose into her thick black bush. She giggles a bit at this motion. I turn her around to better view her ample backside. My hands mount upon her hips and I kiss each cheek gingerly as if they are homegrown Georgia peaches hand-picked from my own personal orchard. I lean her forward and she grabs the side of the tub. I gently force her legs farther apart allowing full view of her womanhood. I spread her cheeks and lean in running my face from her crack to her button, inhaling every part of her. Her scent alone rehashes memories of a past life and I instinctively begin to lick. My tongue follows the trickle of juices that escape, and the two mesh into one. I force my tongue into her cunt wishing that either it was longer or that she were wider so that I could fully traverse her insides. My mouth plays with her pussy until her knees weaken.
I lean back into the tub and pull her down onto my face. Rachel mounts me with the authority of a bull rider. She straddles my face and begins to roll her hips teasingly across my tongue. I force two fingers into her pussy and forcefully push her hips onto them with my other hand. My fingers search until I hear breath escape her. Yes. I work that spot. My mouth again seeks her clit and sucks. She lets out screams of "Yes" and "Please… Don't… Stop." Her words are stuttered, stammered, and I am wildly excited by each sound. She rubs her tits. I rub her insides. Her hips join rhythm with my finger fucking. My mouth refuses to release it's suction. She screams louder and louder until finally she arrives. She collapses forward onto the tub. I hold her pussy on my face and burrow. I release my own loud guttural moans. She grinds her pussy from chin to forehead working everywhere in between, her juices covering all of me. She continues until my fingers dig into her thighs and I release another long, slow orgasm. She climbs off of me and we lay momentarily motionless.
"I thought you like men," she whispers.
"I do, but I'm liking you right now," I return. I reach to re-close the drain and again turn on the jets.
I sit up and pull her into me. She rests her back into my chest. She begins to speak again but I silence her lips with one finger. No more words are needed now. She kisses my finger and leans her head back into me. I wrap my legs around her body. The jets spew out tiny liquid bubbles that slowly rise to cover our satisfied bodies. The rain continues lightly outside the window. The CD has looped and Sade again questions, "Is it a crime that I want you and I want you to want me too?"

The End

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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