by K.O.

I'll love you until my heart bleeds, I'll love you with hopes
I take my heart and I'll invite you into my bedroom
Pussy wet, clit thumping, heart racing, mouth saying make love to me
We lie naked, love burning the sheets, it's just you and I
I gaze into your eyes and read your lyrics of seduction
Oh baby how I'm longing to become one with your pussy, I thirst for you
I'm longing to strap up and watch you ride me until you come all over my piece
Sit you on my face and slide my tongue in and out of you until you become lifeless
But I can't love you like this, I can't love you knowing he's still calling you
I can't love you knowing that you don't trust me
I can't love you knowing that tomorrow you may pack your shit and bounce out of my life
I guess what I'm saying baby, is that your pussy is good, but I can't love you like this

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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