How we met, well it’s kind of a cute story. I wasn’t seeing anyone exclusively at the time, so me and my girls would go out clubbin. They used to take me to all kinds of clubs. We went to this event they have every first Friday of the month called ‘Black Out’, in the city. When we pulled up outside, all eyes were on us. We were a mixed crowd, studs, femmes, transgender, and bi-sexual, and whenever we went out, we were noticed. So we stepped in the place and I immediately felt at home.
I have been to gay clubs before, but nothing was quite like this one. The music was great, the D.J. was fantastic, the atmosphere was jumping, and after one drink, I was buzzing. A few females came over to us and introduced themselves. I was polite and didn’t think anything of it. Then she came over, the first thing I noticed was her eyes. Oh my, those eyes, she had the sexiest eyes I had ever seen before.
She said, “Hello, my name is Dee, how are you?”
I replied, “Hi, I’m fine.”
She asked, “What’s your name?”
I said, “Lynn.”
She smiled the biggest smile, and I couldn’t help myself but to do the same.
See, I had never even thought of being with a stud before. I mean yeah, they have tried to holler at me, but I just didn’t think that was for me. But there was something about that smile and oh boy those eyes that had me intrigued. So, she asked me to dance and we did.
She asked if I was married and I said, “Now, why would you ask me a thing like that?”
She smiled and said, “You just look like you are.”
I told her, “As a matter of fact I was, but we are separated now.”
She asked how long, I told her, “It’s been a little over two years now.”
She then asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?”
I said, “No, I have a friend though.”
She said, “Oh, ok.”
She asked me for my phone number and I told her, “I don’t give it out to people I don’t know, but you can give me yours.”
So she did, and told me, “You better call me.”
I replied, “I wouldn’t have taken it if I wasn’t going to call you, I don’t do things like that.”
She said, “Oh really?”
I said, “Yeah really.”
So we danced to a few more songs, and when a slow song came on I wanted to take a rest.
She looked at me with those sexy eyes, grabbed my hand, pulled me close to her, and whispered in my ear, “Don’t let this be the last dance.”
I smiled and said, “Okay.”
I felt dizzy with her being that close to me, she was so warm, and had on my favorite cologne, Issey Miyake. I have to tell you, when I smelled her, I got a little moist.
Oh, where was I, oh yeah. Then she walked away, leaving me standing there in a daze and I couldn’t stop thinking about her. All night I looked around to see where she was and if she was coming my way again. Then she’d pop up and get next to me, we’d dance and she’d walk away again. She did this a few more times, until I got tired and went to sit on the speakers. I guess she figured she better stick close to me, in case I might leave soon.
So while I was sitting on the speaker, she came over and leaned next to me. So we sat there in silence, then the funniest thing happened, she started rubbing on my thigh. I was thinking to myself, ‘what is she doing, someone is going to think we are together.’ Then I thought, Well, if she wants to, I guess I’ll let her. Secretly, I think I liked it. I happened to glance at my friend; she was looking at me with a smirk, like what is going on over here.
So we sat there for a while, then some of her friends came over and we were all standing around talking and I heard one of my jams, so I got up and started to dance in front of her while she was leaning on the speaker. Then one of my friends came up behind me and we started dancing together. She was watching us with this smile that said, ‘Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about.’ Then I turned my back to her so she could see all of my lusciousness, and when I turned back around, some skank was bent over in front of her, shaking her booty on her. I was like, ‘Oh hell naw.’ But I didn’t say anything, I kept my composure, and who was I to get upset. But in all honesty, I was a little jealous. I was thinking to myself, what the hell, how is she gonna be all up on me and then let this chick be shaking her booty all up on her like that. I could tell by the way she was looking at her she wasn’t that interested in what the female was doing, cause she was still looking at me.
So she walked off, and the promoter asked me to dance, we did, and she gave me a free drink ticket. I think she was trying to pick me up, but I was obviously not interested. Then Dee came back over by me and she pulled me over to the speaker again. I sat down, and she told me she had something to give me. Now, I thought it was going to be a drink or something that most people try to give you to impress you. She took her hand from behind her back and handed me a lollipop, I thought to myself, that is the sweetest and cutest thing anyone has ever done for me. I smiled and said thank you and proceeded to suck away. Of course I was trying to be seductive for her, (a lot of people say I have sexy lips). I could tell by the way she was watching me work that lollipop that she agreed.
So I sucked away and I could tell I was turning her on.
She said, “They have a lounge area in the corner, would you like to go over?”
I told her, “No, I think I better stay close to my friends, they will be ready to leave soon.”
She said okay and then walked off. I think I may have hurt her feelings. But see, she wasn’t the reason I didn’t want to go, I was. She had turned me on in an inexplicable way, and I know me, if I had gone over in that dark area and she started to mack me, it would have been on. I would have been all over her, and I didn’t want her to think I was a tramp or anything like that.
So, a few minutes later, my friends were ready to go, as we were walking towards the door, I saw her sitting on a stool, and was glad she was by herself.
I walked over to her to say goodnight and I asked, “Why are you sitting over here?”
She said, “It’s too hot on that dance floor.”
I said, “Well, I’m leaving now, thank you for the lollipop.”
She said, “Make sure you call me.”
I said, “I will.”
I then leaned over and kissed her on the cheek. I looked at her and she smiled, then I walked out the door. When I got home all I could think about was Dee. How sexy she was, how sweet and oh how I wanted to see what she was all about. Finally at about 3am, I passed out.
The next day was Saturday, I went about my daily routine of getting up, cleaning, running errands, and everything, but the whole time Dee was on my mind. I kept picking up my cell phone to call her, but then I chickened out. Saying to myself, ‘I’ll call her later.’ But in all actuality, I wanted to talk to her so bad. So finally around 8pm, I decided to make the call. She answered on the second ring.
“Hello” she said. “Can I speak to Dee please?”
I could hear the smile in her voice when she said, “May I ask who’s calling?”
I said, “Lynn.”
I was smiling myself, because I knew it was her. Her voice was deep, sexy, and silky. I don’t know what it was about her, but more and more I wanted to see what it was all about.
For a week, we talked about anything and everything. We found out we were from the same city, and we grew up not more than a few miles from one another. She had a great sense of humor.
She would say the craziest things to me, and I’d be like, “What did you just say?”
She would laugh and say, “Oh my bad, I got tourettes.”
The first time she said that to me, I thought my heart would stop from so much laughter. So, we finally made a date to see each other the following Saturday.
When I would get to work in the mornings, I would have messages on my voicemail.
“Hello Ms. Lynn, this is your secret admirer. I was just calling to say hello, and wanted my voice to be the first thing you heard this morning, and I hope you have a good day baby. I can’t wait to see you this Saturday.”
I tell you that made my heart flutter, my eyes tear up, and my pussy wet. No one had ever done that for me before. I was falling for Ms. Dee harder than a ton of bricks. She knew all the right things to say and the perfect time to say them. And that made me want her even more than I already did. I didn’t want to let myself go, but she was pulling down all of my walls that I had built up over the years. She made my hard shell dissolve with just the simplest words.
I just couldn’t wait till Saturday, so Friday after work I called and asked, “Hey what are you doing tonight?”
She said, “Nothing, why what are you going to do?”
I said, “Coming to see you, if you don’t mind?”
She said excitedly, “Hell Naw, I don’t mind at all!”
So I told her I had to go home, shower and get myself together. Then I would get there by 8pm. She said ok, that it would give her time to get herself together.
So I rushed home, got it together in a flash, and was on my way. I had on my sexy ruffle skirt, sheer shirt, and my black sandals that matched perfectly. I sprayed myself with my vanilla scented body spray, made sure my breath was fresh, and the hair was laid right.
When I got there, I got lost. I called her up and said can you please come out here and get me. She laughed and said, "Alright, give me a few seconds." Ya’ll I’m telling you, when she walked outside. I thought my heart would burst out from my chest. She looked so damn sexy. She had on tan jeans, with a tan hoodie, and a ball cap to match, cocked to the side. She looked so damn hot. She told me to park on her side of the street and I ran up on the curb looking at her. I was embarrassed of course. I couldn’t stop staring, and those eyes were making me weak to my knees.
She was such a gentlewoman. She let me walk up the stairs ahead of her and held the door of her apartment open for me so I could enter. Then asked if she could take my bag,
I said, “Yes thank you.”
So I sat, and she told me to relax, dinner was finishing up and she wanted to enjoy the sight of me. I smiled.
She told me, “Well, since we are going out to dinner tomorrow, I decided to cook for you tonight.”
I was dumbfounded. I just shook my head and said, “Oh.”
She asked if I would like a drink, I said yes. She served a flavorful wine, and we sat in silence.
She really knew how to set the mood. Candles were lit, music was soft and sexy, and incense was burning. After the glass of wine, I was a little buzzed and tired from work all week. She asked if I would like to lie back. I told her if she didn’t mind.
She said, “Not at all, make yourself comfortable, it will give me a chance to finish up my potatoes while you relax.”
I watched her while she was in the kitchen; she looked so comfortable in there cooking away. She glanced back and saw I was watching her.
She asked, “Is everything alright?”
I said, “oh yes, everything is perfect.”
She smiled and came back in the living room.
She sat on the couch across from me and said to me, “You know, I just had to take my chances with you at the club that night. When I saw you, I was blown away. I thought, a woman like her, man she is beautiful, sexy, and well put together.”
I blushed and said, “Oh yeah.”
She said, “Yeah.”
She was sitting there staring at me and then she told me to come to her, I obeyed. Got up and walked over and stood in front of her. She made a comment about having sex.
I told her, “You don’t want to have sex with me. You don’t even know me.”
She said, “I know enough to know that I want you. If I didn’t you would not be here now.”
She then took my clothes off. Finally, standing there in front of her, I was fully unclothed. I was a bit nervous. I had never been this completely nude and uninhibited in front of a woman, let alone a stud. And there I was standing in the middle of this woman’s living room completely nude. She pulled me close to her and started caressing my body.
She then pushed me away and told me, “Turn around so I can see all of you.”
I was so nervous I was shaking, but I did. I could feel her eyes burning through my very soul, as if she was trying to memorize every part of me. I turned to face her again and could see that she thoroughly enjoyed herself watching me.
She pulled me down on top of her and said, “Kiss me.”
I gasped and plunged in with everything I had inside of me. She was very domineering and it turned me on so much that I could feel my wetness dripping out of me onto her lap. She started to rub my nipples and caressing my ass, and that really got me going. The more she did it, the wetter I got. All the time she is still fully clothed.
She then told me, “Get off me.”
I was hurt for a second, till she smiled, and said, “Lay on the couch.”
So I did and she smiled at me.
She said, “I can tell you are enjoying yourself.”
Pointing to her lap, where a huge wet spot was left there by yours truly.
I was embarrassed, she said, “Baby don’t’ worry about it I like it.”
I looked her in her eyes and said, “What are you going to do to me?”
She said, “Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, tonight it’s all about you.”
I felt a rush of blood go from my head to my pelvis, down to my toes. She started to kiss me on my neck and worked her way down to my nipples, I arched my back and wanted more of her. I wanted her to touch my wet pussy and make me cum hard. I just knew she was going to be the best lover I had ever had. I don’t know how or why, but I did. She then proceeded to lick her way down my body, stopping every now and then to give light nibbles on my softest most vulnerable places.
When she got to my thighs, I was so tense and ready in anticipation for her to do something special.
She looked up at me and said, “Baby, relax, its ok.”
She then started to rub my thighs, kissing them and then she got down on her knees and parted my legs. I couldn’t believe she was going to do it. Then the next thing I know, she had her head between my legs, and was licking on my clit. At first, she was gentle and it was making me crazy, it felt so damn good. The more she licked the more my back arched and I wanted her to take me in her mouth and eat my pussy like this was the last meal she was ever going to have. Sure enough, as the thought passed through my mind, she dove right in and started sucking, and licking on my clit and nibbling ever so slightly on my pussy lips. It was making me so crazy, I moaned louder and louder with each suck, lick and nibble.
The louder I got, the more intense the licking got. I was on the verge of a massive orgasm and could not believe she was making me feel this good.
I screamed out, “Oh My God, Dee you are making me cum!”
It was on after that. She started slurping and sucking like there was no tomorrow. When the moment came, my whole body quaked and I let out a moan so loud, she moaned herself.
She stopped and looked up at me and said, “Now, did that prove to you that I wanted you?”
I said, “Oh yes baby, but what about you?”
She said, “Oh you better believe I want some after that, but I told you. Tonight is all about you.”
I smiled, grabbed her and kissed her with the passion of a lover. And ever since it has been all about us, being in Love and giving each other our all.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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