Alba Deldeseo

It is our fifth club of the night and we are feeling high. You and I along with Mark and Shelley had decided to go bar/club hopping, your last big hoopla before you leave for the final time. Drunk and barely able to stand, I pull you aside, not wanting our companions to see or hear what I am about to do. Standing there in the shadows of the club’s awning, I reach into my pocket pulling out a black velvet bag containing the heavy silver ring. It is engraved with the word “soul mate” inscribed in ancient Celt. I take your right hand and slipping the ring onto your middle finger, I softly slur “you are my soul mate forever.”
You look at me, and even in my drunkenness I can see the bright glint of tears in your eyes. I know you want to kiss me but ours is a secret love and we are in the open. “Come on you guys!” a call from Shelley bringing us back to reality. We hurry to catch up, me going first to hide our prior closeness. We descend into a throbbing mass of bodies, the music infusing the dancers with an almost manic energy. Immediately Mark and Shelley slip off to dance leaving us alone. I am feeling bold tonight; maybe it’s just the liquor taking charge. You are leaving me forever and just for one night I want to hold you in the open, in public view without a care. I don’t know the song playing and I don’t care, all I know is that it has a wicked bass line and I want to move my body with yours to that pounding beat.
We start to dance, standing slightly apart but close. I take a quick look around to see if anyone’s watching us, but every one is caught up in the beat doing their own thing. We spy two women dancing provocatively together and in a het club! No one seems to mind much less notice them, we are the only ones shocked.
We are in this crammed packed crowd but tonight I see only us. I move into you, pushing my thigh between your legs. I run my hands up and down, smoothing down your back to cup your ass. Oooh baby you feel so good! We move together swaying to the beat. The music is pounding in my head and I grind my hips trying to get closer into you. You are feeling me but you hesitate, looking furtively over your shoulder for the others. I bend down and whisper in your ear, “Don’t worry, no one’s looking.”
Suddenly you are free, turning around to press your ass up against me, rubbing the seam of my jeans into my clit. A soft moan escapes me. I hold you close to me, resting my hands high up on your thighs where your legs meet. I tease you gently moving from your hips back again to your crotch. Slowly I stroke you building up your heat. I do my dance against your ass, working my hands up your legs, drawing up your skirt, baring your thighs to the smoky air. I stroke those thighs, scraping my nails along your flesh, nice and soft. You throw your head back leaning into me and I take your hand throwing it up and over my right shoulder. This gives me excellent access to your breast and I pinch your nipple my other hand sliding your thong to the side. Your body continues to rock to the music, your thighs clenching and pumping as I trace my middle finger over your clit. I am so hot now I feel my own juices flow. I continue rubbing you in slow circles, pinching and palming your tit. I feel your wetness as I sink my finger into you. I finger fuck you right there on the dance floor. Going slowly in and out, I bring my other hand from your nipple to join its sister in your thong. I pump your clit while I fuck you, hitting that ridged spot just inside your pussy. The spot that makes you run a river for me, the one that now makes you grab my hands so I couldn’t stop my movements. I pump into you, my need to kiss you so strong I suck on your neck instead.
I feel your pussy grip my finger and I feel the orgasm shudder soundlessly through your body. I draw my hands out from under your skirt so I could hold you up. You are too weak to simulate dancing. A few minutes pass, the music never once letting up and Mark and Shelley are still nowhere in sight. Finally you turn to face me. You look up at me and I see lust still shining in your eyes. You reach for me, pulling my head down, cupping my face in your hands. You lean in and kiss me softly and deeply. My heart turns painfully in my chest for it is my last night with you and the first time you let me love you in the open.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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