by Breathtaking_Fem

4 you I please thee
I please Thee
I often please me
I please myself, no need to ask for someone else's help
Music in the background playing softly
House could be filled or can be empty with just me
No good or bad time to p.i.m.p
As I lay on my back caressing my breast
Thinking about you caressing the rest
Nipples hard and all so sensitive to the touch
Hmm, Damn mami I miss you so much
I wish you were here to kiss my lips and I mean both sets
Massaging my clit in slow motion, damn IM so wet
Parting the bridges to get to the sea
Damn I wish you were here to see me
one finger in and two more to go
How much I miss your touch you could never know
With all three in I slowly thrust my hips ever so slow
light moans and deep breathing fill the air
big up my fingers, damn we make such a great pair
as I slide them in deeper and deeper I pick up the speed
nothing makes me hornier with you on the other end of the phone telling me you're in need
talking that kinky shyt in my ear, my first nut makes me shed a tear
Damn IM so horny, you make my wanna ride my fingers like IM riding yo strap boo
The way IM feeling there isn't anything I wouldn't do
To get to where you are, no matter how far, I would take a train or drive all 24 hours in my car
As I explode I drop the phone making it hard for you to hear me
but not to worry, you will hear me, as I please thee during round three

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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