by Marsha Blue

Am I as deep as the ocean
or as light as the wind that blows on a summers day?

Can you see me in your dreams without
being asleep or do you imagine how deep a dream of me will be?

Am I that everlasting impression on that chanced encounter
or am I that woman that walks in to your life and leaves you breathless?

Would I fit into that ever clear circle of your life without disruption or
would I cause confusion when I come around?

When I walk away would you watch me leave or
would you be beside me with every step that I take?

Can I close my eyes and know that you will be
there as I would be for you?

Can I dance with you with the lights down low
even though we are miles apart?

Can your lips make love to me even when our
bodies cannot touch?

so many hopes and so many dreams of something everlasting
your kiss, your touch or just the look of your face.

I can give you something unconditional....
something so deep.....
something like me.

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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