by JaeB

Tonight baby
Is not necessary
When you called and anxiously stated
“I want some pussy!”
I knew right away
That tonight
would not be necessary
I should have known though
Because the signs were there
In every conversation
And e-mail
A subtle statement
Given here and there
Somehow they would always appear
Sometimes direct and to the point
Sometimes indirect
Had to figure ‘em out
cause they were suspect
Other times subliminal
But I got those too.
And tonight baby
will not be necessary
Make no mistake
That I’m ready for you
I’ve prepared for you
Your pussy is hot and ready for you
Throbbing for you
That’s right
It’s yours
All yours
To please and tease
And do whatever the hell you please
Cause tonight baby
Is not necessary
I know what’s on your mind
Just hot sex
Nothing more
Nothing less
You wanna fuck the shyt outta me
Well baby
Come the hell on and get me
Cause I’m more than ready
To scratch my nails down your back
Put my teeth marks on your neck
Tonight baby
Is not necessary
I know you wanna feel the tip of your nose on my clit
As your tongue explores my cave of wonders
As you lay under
And I ride your face
Grinding harder and harder
To wet up your face
I know what you want from me
And I can certainly assure thee
That tonight baby
Will not be necessary
As I sit here and contemplate
Your E.T.A.
Because you have this uncanny way
Of being fashionably late
I lay here in this dreamy state
touching myself
Wishing it were you
And tasting myself
Wishing it were you
Slightly raising my legs
Preparing for you
As if you were already here
Cause I’m running out of patients Dear
And I can’t wait much longer
Before I explode from this sexual hunger
All I know is
Tonight baby
Will not be necessary
I can hear you pulling up outside
And my heartbeat is on the rise
Jumping up and making no haste
To start your shower and pour your drink
I’ve got no time to waste
Got a bite-sized snack for you to taste
With a creamy inside that you never waste
Cause tonight baby
Will not be necessary
We swirl around in passions heat
As our shower together is now complete
And you sweep me to the bed
Like a blast of wind
Whispering in my ear
“Baby you’re such a freak!”
“I wanna place my tongue down the crack of your ass!”
“I could tongue fuck you in every hole that you have!”
Well this pussy is beyond soft and wet
So whenever your ready you may enter in
I’ve got a creeping desire
A sort of wildfire
Burning deep down inside of me
Raging and growing out of control
I am helpless against you and your love
Time has proven that I am your weakness
Making me grab your head
In a mad dog rage
And calling your name
You make my passion grow again and again
Making my eyes roll up in the back of my head
As you prepare to put it on me one mo’ ‘gain!

Strappin up
And wrapping my legs around you
You pull me down to you
Pumping and thrusting harder and harder
Pulling out and lifting up as to graze my G-spot
Teasing my clit with your fingertips
Making me whimper and whine and bite my lips
Making me sob and shriek as you pull on my hips
Making me babble and scream as you fuck the shyt outta me
Touching me here and there
And kissing on me
You have aspired to fuck me mercilessly…

We now lay here breathless
as our passion near end
And I come close to loss of consciousness
Helping you rub that Charlie horse out of your thigh
Listening to your sighs
I think to myself
What a small price to pay
For a night
When Foreplay
Wasn’t necessary.

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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