Have you ever been lucky enough
to have the feeling that you just may be
somehow yearning for and admiring
a She-being
female at her very core
a woman but not a lady and
sometimes mistaken for a man
possessing a boyish charm
and a feminine side only her feminine side knows
(that would be me, femme at her side)

well, I once wondered about that love
the no fumbling, no waiting to see whoís gonna
make the first move or whoís gonna do who - love

and Iíve tasted it - through a woman
that dressed like a guy but
didnít need a dildo to - do me - and did me
completely - mind, body and soul

Oh, her passion - could make angles cry
lustful tears of orgasmic bliss
the kind that make titties taught and nipples
rock hard erect and overwrought
like conductors of electricity
that courses down your middle
and spreads out to your extremities
of sweaty clenched hands, curled toes and bent knees

these - are powerful currents
currents that raise hips - hips that raise lips
demanding and anticipating the intrusion of
her love thang

while open thighs await a pleasure
that makes you hold your breath and beg for more
all at once,
one two, three, four or five
fingers prodding
just on the outside where you can barely feel it
but you know its gonna feel real good

but she doesnít put it in - she doesnít really have to
but you know she could - and thereís no rush

(Yeah right!) So youíre going crazy
your losing your mind
and youíre thinking
put it in, no donít
but it feels soooooo good so put it in, no donít
never mind
just do it! just do me!
just fuck it! just fuck me!
come on! harder!
everywhere - Iím cumming!
and collapsing
into her arms
arms which manipulate my limp body
and cover whatís left with
hot and tender kisses down my spine

cotton sheets and blankets
with little wet spots
of left over morsels
both nasty and sweet
clinging to the aroma of our sex
still in the air, between our thighs and sheets

the loving is so strong and so real
cause thatís all she has
thatís all she can be
and me
totally taken to the heights of love, passion and ecstasy
well, I simply remain

by L. Monique

Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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