when you see me all you can do is smile
hang your head
and quietly sigh damn
conversation gets deep and so we exchange numbers
the conversations get deep and feelings begin to surface
the time is getting closer and we both know this
but you seem to hesitate
so one day you ask is this my first time and I reply yes
you hold me and you see how I want to share with you
but you hold back
no phone calls returned or messages sent back
you don't seem to understand that I am telling you this is not a game for me
or to test the waters
this is real
when I look at you do, you not see the love in my eyes
I'm always there when you need me
never once have you ever seen me with another
but I guess my kids tell you
all that you need to know
why do you judge me?
why do you not understand that you are the woman that I want.
I've been admiring you for years but too afraid to acknowledge what I feel
are you afraid to bring me into your world
do you think that I am not worthy
do not judge me
as I stand before you, I am not afraid to say that I am BI-curious
but tell me what does that matter
do not judge me
I am human like you I want to be loved
years pass and we meet again but only this time I am with my girlfriend
now tell me how do you feel
do not judge me
the love that I have to give is not anything different
from any other women in your past
oh but I forget you judge me.

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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