by Jaedafynest

When you gently touched me
My heart began to flutter
It began to race
I closed my eyes
While you stroked my hair
With a sensual motion and an even pace
Let me take a moment to take this all in
And forever embrace
I know that was the loving
That I was so dearly longing for
That I finally found someone
Who I can uplift
And they would love me
And I could adore
When you kissed my lips
It was like nothing I have ever felt before
You filled my emptiness inside
The things I never told
Or shared with you
I could no longer hide
The warmth and the love you gave
Is unlike anything I have ever felt
In my entire life
It felt like my soul was heated up
From a raging fire
I trully found someone that I admire
And I loved every bit of it
How you charmed me with your tongue
And with each stroke
You made my body just quiver with
Fiery passion and so much desire
I then realize that the desire and the love
That I have been searching so deeply for
Was not found in a man
But in the comfort a woman

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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