by StrawberriiFEMME

like a car stuck in reverse
like a song on repeat
words ring like deja vu
reality takes her seat
as i listen to you babble
about some girl you fucked
i remember when that was me...
i once was your "little slut"
trying to be a friend
but it's not worth it anymore
i gave into temptation
and you got what you came for
see .. i'm not bitter at all
but this is a way too much
and you talking about her to me
makes me question my "trust"
i did some of those things
you claimed you liked so much
i let you look ... kiss ... and taste
yeah i let you grab and touch
you let me do "my thang"
but it never once occurred
that you would be simple enough
to tell me about her
did you tell someone about us?
how you made me say your name?
and if you did ... did you tell them
how you called mine in exchange?
the only thing that hurts is that
i'm not just some girl you know
i was a friend that loved you so much ...
i had to let you go..
just tell her
it's her eyes
though i'm not looking
her wordz
and i cant hear her voice
her smile uplifting
if only i could see
she governs me
and i'm left with no choice ...
i had a dream
a wonderful dream
of she and i as friends
it's just a dream
a silly one
and i can ONLY pretend
that she would have me
hear my thoughts
give hers in return
but i hold my feelings
deep inside
it aches it grows it burns
i'm not ashamed
just insecure
and lord knows i know better
it's hard to let these walls come down
even harder to throw down a ladder
and what makes it worse is
i'm not even sure
if she's thinking of me this way
i try hard to hide it
i feel immature
sometimes i don't know what to say
can't say i've been down this
road before
and i don't know where it will lead
can't say that i'm deeply in love with her
not trying to harvest her seed
just want to know
why i feel this way
what power she holds over me
can't stop thinking about her
she's in my dreams
the next time i see her i'll speak..

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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