by StrawberriiFEMME

closing my eyes now
hearing your body decline
falling down from your universe
slowly merging with mine
i hear you breathe slowly
swallowed in white linen sheets
the coldness draws us closer
fuel for our bodies to heat
you hold me in your arms
pulling me into a luring kiss
i recognize this feeling
i fathom nights like this
under covers our bodies glide
you climb on top of me
i await the rush that follows
as you patronize my pleas
slowing me down to a whisper
i mouth to you ... PLEASE
you unleash all your fury
...devouring me
kisses follow hidden paths
trailing down and beneath
broken silence fills the room
cause now you’re in between
i twist covers and grab pillows
and you’re the one to blame
im abruptly awakened in my bed ALONE
cause i didn't know your name ...

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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