by lyrik

its frustrating to know something is on my mind
and i can't seem to find the words to describe
but the feeling i get when i feel your vibe
it's some kinda sensation from deep inside
i swear i thought i was trippin but this wasn't the first time
cuz see the first time i ran to hide
i just didnt realize what would happen in time
and that the thoughts would continue to boggle my mind
damn how the hell do you do it
barely grace me with your presence and im feelin you within
you run your finger across my skin
and i damn near implode
i'm sittin here wondering do you even know
i mean if i felt it than shouldn't that mean you did too
or am i trippin i mean what does it all mean to you
its like the things we do they may seem irrational at first
but i'm tired of excusing this that and the third
hell jealousy lingers when expectations aren't met
and i guess i read too deep into what wasn't ever said
but that feeling i get i mean damn what is that?
so fuckin complex to the point these words don't rhyme
im just sittin here diggin out whats buried inside. wondering why
-----my innocence in a sense is absence of acceptance
and i long to be well seasoned in time
so while i feel you keep from me your most valued possession
i value the moral to every day's lesson
and while the pain i feel has yet to lessen
i continue to lay here stressin bout not stressin
i figure im the leader into the pits of my own depression
and the only way to avoid it is to go to confession

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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