by jane sway

to wake up and feel the warmth
of the woman I adore beside me,
to hear the sound of her
steady breathing,
her snores,
to see her face
when my eyes open
and I turn in the comfortable bed we share,
is something I sorely miss

to sense her bare skin
in its naked length
pressed against my own,
to shift and touch the arm
that has been draped
across my torso through the night
in an embrace of sorts,
is a reality I wish to revisit

to groan and stretch where I lay,
with her head resting on my shoulder
and have her furrow her body closer,
nuzzling herself into me,
merging once more
before the necessity of having to rise grasps us,
is a dream I desire to realize anew
with whomever it is I am fortunate enough
to find love

Copyright © 2003. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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