by Jessica Holter
*An excerpt from Verbal Penetration (April 2007 / Strebor Books).

If we are cursed
to Hell with me,
Boi, let me lick your pussy

Butterfly, open wide
Let your scent fill all of my
senses with promises
that only your
sweet black pussy
can make good on

I donít want a daddie,
boi, not tonight
Just let me lick your pussy

Let my tongue trail
the walls of your
receive me like the woman
you were born to be
not the man you want to be

Take off the strap
I want the sap
Girl, let me lick your pussy

Let your body heat call to me
open up your well
climb on my face
a spell

Pretend you are me, if you must
trust me when I say
There is an art to being on top
and thereís an art to getting fucked

No pillow princess, am I tonight, sweetie
Let me lick your pussy

Tear down your walls, baby
Those are lips, not balls
So, come on Boi
and kiss me

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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