by The Intriguing AGgressive
(from Autumn Brown Will Do You Good)

One or two against another, they caressed and collided;
Rubbed and rolled; pushed and pulsated; Gyrated and ground;
Pressed and pumped; Wrapped and released.

Moving from one to the other and back again,
They enfolded and encircled; throbbed and throttled;
Covered and cavorted; bound and bounced;
Swiveled and swayed; revolved and rotated.

Sultry, sexy, sensual, scorching, satisfaction-seeking sistahs,
Tempted and teased; stroked and strained;
Pat and pounded; pursed and pursued;
Spanked and sizzled.

Then, left frolicking in fulfilled fantasy.

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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