by Ghetto Gospel

This is just a note
To let you know
How excited I was
When you…
You made my heart
Beat faster
Than it
Has before
You sat me down on the couch
Then you…
And then you unzipped my pants
And brought them
Down to my knees
Needless to say
I was surprised
And pleased
You kissed my neck
You just left my boxers
And my Dockers
Dangling at my black boots
And I thought,
…Oh…this …is… gonna be
You ran your tongue up
From my navel
And planted a kiss
On my bottom lip
Causing my chest
To beat even faster
Cause I knew
At that moment
I was no longer
The sex Master
You sent my whole body
Up in smoke
And like a chronic high
I knew not to choke
Cause what was coming next
Was no joke
You sent me on a journey
In my mind
Fulfilling fantasies
That I have given others
You shook my body
Unlike any other
When you sucked on my…
I exhaled
And the sweetness
Told the whole tale
I exploded
Cause you…
And when you…
And when you were done
Leaving the juices to run
There was
No way
My legs were ready to walk
And when you looked at me
With those eyes
And smiled at me
You proceeded to…
Then you did…
And for the… next
Seven hours
I was in ecstasy
And then
You looked at me
With those
Eyes again
And told me
You… held… back!
And best believe
I was anxious
For your next attack
And just
To let you know
I fell
You got me
Capturing my soul completely
Last night
You tilted my world
And This
Is just
Your thank you note girl

Copyright © 2006. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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