I like driving the midnight runs for the Dallas Area Transit, they’re quiet and there’s no real rush. It was about twenty minutes before my run ended when I pulled up to two people standing at one of my stops. As I opened the doors I noticed that the woman was holding the other on a leash.
The woman was dressed in a form fitting red dress, long red satin gloves and six inch platform heels. Her shoulder length dred loc were pinned up exposing a long graceful neck. She was copper colored with strong African American features. Her boi was dressed simply in a short sleeved polo and tight faded Levis with a braided leather belt. Hy was a handsome devil with dark chocolate skin and long cornrows. As hy paid the fare for both of them I noticed the bulge in the front of hys jeans. Quickly pulling my gaze upward I saw that the boi had seen the look. Behind hys mistresses' back hy placed hys hand on hys cock with a smirk and flicked hys tongue at me suggestively. Hardening my gaze I spoke. “You’d better wipe that smile off your face boi.” Instantly hys eyes were on the floor.
Glancing back sharply the Mistress inquired, “Has my boi offended you?”
“Hy seems to be a bit full of hymself.” I replied with distaste.
“Is that right, boi?” the mistress demanded. “What did you do?”
“My forgiveness Mistress,” the boi groveled “I was just having a little fun.”
“WHAT DID YOU DO,” the mistress demanded in a harsher tone. “Show me!”
With great apprehension the boi repeated the gesture to hys mistress. Enraged the mistress yanked hys leash with such force that the boi yelped. Ordering hym to hys knees the mistresses slapped hym hard across the face.
“You ill trained, foul mannered bastard!” she shouted in hys face “How dare you? Apologize!”
Crawling to my seat the boi begged forgiveness. “My humblest apologies Ma’am. I didn’t mean any disrespect.”
Looking into my eyes an unspoken acknowledgement passed between the mistress and I. “I am Mistress Taccarah and that -” She said pointing down at the boi “is Tan.” “My boi has displeased you.” She continued “Hy is yours to do with as you wish.” Glancing up in fear the bois’ gaze swung from hys mistress, to me and back. I glared at the boi with a decisively evil grin.
Turning the over head lights off and switched the destination sign to “Garage” I headed in. Mistress Taccarah forced the boi to take off hys belt and remove hys clothes. The sound of the leather belt against the bois’ flesh accompanied our short ride.
Pulling into the deserted station I drove to the back of the lot and killed the engine. After making the required annotations in my log and placing a call to dispatch to let them know I was in-station I stood. After a few more strokes with the belt Mistress Taccarah ordered the boi over to me. Standing with my arms folded I looked down at the sobbing boi.
“Kiss my boots, Bitch.” I ordered in a hard voice. “Maybe I’ll go easy on you if you do a good job.” Crawling to me the boi complied, slavishly worshipping my boots. Lighting a blunt, Mistress Taccarah perched on the back seat and delicately crossed her incredibly long legs. She seemed to enjoy the sight of her boi servicing another.
After the boi had my boots glistening with hys saliva I ordered hym to stand. “Not good enough!” I intoned menacingly. Striding to the seat next to Mistress Taccarah I pulled off the grilling under the seat and removed the bag that I kept there. Removing a length of rope I securely tied the bois’ hands to the overhead railing. I then tied hys feet to the bottom of the seat. Placing a ball gag into hys mouth and a well lubed plug into hys ass I sat down next to Mistress Taccarah.
Hy looked quite fetching standing spread eagle, almost on tiptoe, cock hanging between hys legs. Taking a couple of drags from Mistress Taccarah’s blunt we contemplated the helpless bois’ fate.
“How much can hy take?” I inquired.
“Hy WILL take whatever you give hym.“ Mistress Taccarah replied in a voice loud enough for the boi to hear. “I’ve indulged hym far too long.” she continued.
Removing my shirt I ducked under the bois’ outstretched arms to stand in front of hym. Standing with my hand on my hips I revealed myself to hym. A black leather bustier cupped my breasts, coupled with my standard issue black pants, my own hand tooled, studded leather belt and highly polished black boots I was an imposing sight. Standing inches from hys face I caressed hys cheek softly as I began to speak.
“Do you always go around making lewd gestures at women?” I demanded in a voice dripping with malice. “Just because I drive this bus you feel you can disrespect me?” I continued knowing the gag prevented the boi from replying. “I think you need a lesson in respecting those who serve others!”
Ducking back under the bois arm, I dug my nails into hys back, running them from top to bottom. The bois’ back arched as I changed direction and scored hys back from side to side. Using both hands I began criss-crossing hys back with deep scratches. Hys moans of mingled pain and pleasure began to fill the bus. Behind me I could hear Mistress Taccarah’s breath quicken as small beads of blood began to form on the bois’ abused back. Wrapping my arms around the boi from behind and ran my nails down hys chest grazing hys erect nipples. Continuing, I dug my nails into hys stomach dragging them around and up hys ribs.
The boi had begun to sweat stinging the multitude of scratches crossing hys back. Pausing briefly I returned to Mistress Taccarah who had been rummaging through my bag, producing a braided leather flogger which she handed me. Nodding, I approached the boi again. I aimed for hys exposed buttocks that still clutched the plug. “You had better not lose that plug.” I warned. As the first lash landed a muffled scream erupted from the boi. Twisting from side to side hy attempted to escape my lash but held fast to the plug. Alternating between hys thighs and buttocks I silently painted hys skin dark red. Sensing the boi was almost at hys breaking point I slowed my swings until I came to a complete stop. As I released hys bonds and removed the gag the boi sank to the floor and began to lovingly kiss my boots.
“Stay put.” I ordered to the boi as I turned to hys mistress. Mistress Taccarah had become extremely turned on watching me with her boi. She was panting, her full lips parted and her nipples strained against the fabric of her dress. Silently I drew her into my arms and began kissing her passionately. Running my hands under her dress I discovered she was not wearing underwear. Her exposed pussy was dripping wet and swollen with need. Slowly I unzipped her gown allowing it to pool at her feet. Ordering the boi to remove my boots and pants I lay on my back pulling Mistress Taccarah onto my face. I could feel hys hands busily doing my biding as hys mistress began to grind on my waiting mouth. Forcing my tongue into her throbbing hole I tongue fucked Mistress Taccarah into a shuddering orgasm.
As the shudders began to subside Mistress Taccarah moved off my face. Standing I again reached into my bag and removed my harness. My eight inch cock was massive. I adjusted myself and sat on the back seat pulling Mistress Taccarah onto my dick. Facing away from me she sank slowly onto my cock. Sinking until she sat fully on my lap Mistress Taccarah paused to allow her pussy to adjust to the girth of my cock. As I began thrusting into her she called her boi to her. Running her hands lightly around hys abused hind quarters she took hym into her mouth. Groaning the boi grabbed hys mistresses head and slowly began fucking her face.
The only sounds to be heard were the moans and slurps as we fucked toward completion. As I felt the beginnings of my orgasm approaching I began slapping Mistress Taccarah firmly across her ample ass. Feeling the stings of my slaps Mistress Taccarah began deep throating her boi. Sliding my thumb into her ass I felt Mistress Taccarah explode. Screaming she granted her boi permission to cum and hy instantly burst into her waiting mouth. Finally allowing myself release I slammed into Mistress Taccarah until I too came profusely.

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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