by A Taste of Vada

I'm truly addicted
You're like a drug to an addict
The way you make me feel
A simple kiss
A hug
High and uplift

It's crazy
Running to the phone
Hoping to get a taste…
A dose
Of you. . . your voice
When it rings
Its like a first Date leading to that kiss
I'm nervous
You got me open
Your voice is tantalizing
I need an overdosed
No. . . I want more
A rush is my only remedy
Not a prescription
I can't stop thinking
Of what could be
The challenge is now
Being able to know
What it would be

Emotional connected
To your mysterious realm
Your eyes took the lead
Soon after... your heart
Swallow what you hold back
The fix to my desire
I'm fading fast
Give it to me
Everything getting hazy
If this is our final destination
At least I know that I heard
In your voice
A bit of what had me waiting
Wanting. . . and Needing

Copyright © 2007. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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