M. Thomas

Silk panties with lace around the edges.
Cool to the touch.
Soft to the skin.
Curving perfectly with the shape of the ass
that has filled my hands
so many times before.
I see your browness. Your smoothness.
The legs that keep going
as they wrap themselves
around my neck.
As I prepare to trace my tounge around the sweet
center of your body.
The beauty of it stuns me.
Like unappreciated art it goes
unnoticed until someone witha great eye
brings it back to life.
I plan to bring you to life.
I want to bring out the cry that it
seems to hold in.
I enter you not only in pleasure
but in love.
I leave you in appreciation
and with thoughts
of starting a new begining

Copyright © 2005. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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