An Interview with Ms. Ashley

Author of "Mind Fuck," "Cum Sweetness," and "Just When She Thought"

How did you choose your pen name (and/or what does your pen name mean)?
Well, because of my sassy ways, people have the tendency to call me Miss or Ms. so therefore, I just put the Ms. to my first name, which is Ashley and came up with something simple.

Why (and how) did you begin writing erotic fiction?
I am a very erotic person and I am poetic. So, I figured that I should let people know what is exactly on my mind sometimes, when I'm alone. I also enjoy writing erotica because there are so many erotic things a person can visualize in their mind and it is just beautiful.

How long have you been writing?
I've been writing erotica for almost 2 years now. But any other form of writing, I've been writing for about, 9yrs.

How do you get ideas for your work?
I take situations that I have heard of or people that I know, I re-arrange their situations and make it either a poem or story.

How long does it typically take to write a piece?
The most has been 2 days. It depends on the mood i'm in.

How does your work reflect (or compare to) your real life experiences?
Well, my poems mostly reflect on situations that I have experienced but majority of the time, they don't. At least not erotic poems.

What creative projects are you working on right now?
Right now, I am working on a story called "Cherri's Cafe." It's based upon a lesbian cafe.

Has your work been published anywhere else? If yes, where?
Yes, I have, on a website called Gay & Lesbians Poet's Corner. And I also am in the process of finding a publisher to make a poetry book. All type of poetry.

When can we look forward to reading something else by you on Kuma?
December 15th, I have a story titled "Just When She Thought" and January 15th I have another one titled "Stubborn Love."

If you had to choose, which one of your own stories or poems published with Kuma would you say is your favorite?
lol, damn, this is hard. Well, I like my story "Just When She Thought" because it really describes some ladies situations today and I like my poem "Cum Sweetness" because there is nothing better then the sweetness of a females liquids, lol. But, I think my favorite poem is "A Night To Remember." It has a little funny twist at the end that blows a persons mind. And it is also a lot different from a lot of situations that usually occur today.

Which stories and/or poetry on Kuma do you like that were NOT written by you?
Well, I actually can't pinpoint the titles but every poem and story that LilAJ has, I love it. And Sin'Cere, I love hers also. I like "Bathroom Fucked" by Tacit. There are a lot more that I like but I don't know their names by heart. I think a lot of the ladies on Kuma are very talented. Out of all of the poetry and stories I've read on the site, I haven't came by one poem/story that I don't like.

Please tell us one thing you do for fun.
Well, for fun, I would have to say writing. Writing puts my mind to peace. Its sort of like a stimulation. I can rely on writing, when I need someone to listen, I get some paper and a pen.

Read Mind Fuck, Cum Sweetness, or Just When She Thought.

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