September 2001

Wedded Bliss?

Survey Results -- 154 Entries
Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding

How important are weddings (commitment ceremonies) as affirmations of our relationships?   Same sex marriages/commitment ceremonies are   The following best describes my main reason for not wanting to marry/commit:
Extremely important 22%   systemic devices of compulsory heterosexuality and should be avoided 2%   hate to have to give up my freedom 11%
Very important 30%   provides us the opportunity to transform traditional institutions 10%   life is currently too crowded for someone else 3%
Somewhat important 22%   a public affirmation of the spiritual union between two people 59%   been hurt just one too many times 11%
Not very important 10%   I don't really care 24%   haven't found the right person 46%
Not important at all 12%   I am married 15%
  Relatives threaten to take the children 1%
If commitment is the common denominator of all marriages, then commitment begins   Despite the fact that most countries do not legally recognize gay marriages, I would   A Poontaganista is
After we exchanges vows 5%   Get married anyway for spiritual reasons 32%   an adversary of marriage 25%
Prior to the vows 58%   Consider legal partnership as in New Hampshire or the Netherlands 12%   a true emancipator and goddess of the Poontang 29%
After we sleep together 15%   Seek Domestic Partnership 22%   a lesbian Don Quixote 14%
After we move in together 14%   Wait for the laws to change 9%   a Spanish style restaurant on Bourbon Street 1%
After she divorces her previous spouse 2%   Fight to change laws 16%   a rebel with only one cause 4%
  an after hours cocktail 7%
  Have you ever been to a same sex wedding/commitment ceremony?  
  yes 22%  
  no 76%  

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