The Sex Handbook

Update - 9/16/07

The Sex Book is available in the US. What makes this book so special? Kuma readers contributed to it! A long time ago (7 or 8 years), the authors asked several sex/sexuality websites to give their readers a survey. Some of the comments and observations from Kuma readers made it to the final text--and got a mention in the "Thank you" section.

Here are some examples:

(click to see the full sized image)

Want to see more? Thanks to Amazon's Search This Book feature, you can see a list of pages that features the word Kuma2 and then clicking on the link will take you directly to the quote. Try it.

Infromation About the Book
The Sex Handbook is a reference book designed to explore the subject of sex and sexuality in a straightforward, accessible and adventurous way. Designed as a guide, the book will explain everything you want to know about conventional and unconventional sexual behaviour in straightforward language with bold visuals. A wealth of information will be balanced with practical advice and personal quotes. The book presumes little and the tone is direct. Sex Handbook avoids the usual stigma attached to sex manuals by having a detached, editorial approach which packs gritty sex between beautiful contemporary graphics.

The book is designed to be user friendly. A detailed index at the front allows easy access to topics of interest. Sound bites of sex information, quotes, quizzes from sex therapists, and weird and wonderful sexbits will keep the momentum going. At the back of the book is a huge directory of advice lines, suggested reading and web addresses.

The book is gender neutral and avoids being in any way prescriptive. It has information for everyone regardless of age or sexual orientation. The objective tone and contemporary attitude will make this book appealing to all.

When Will it be published?
In May by Cassell. It's being published in the UK. We are not sure when or if it will be published in the US. For more information, check out the book's site on Amazon UK.

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