Each of us has only one Ms. Right 33% 38% 29%   Are you searching for Ms. Right? 46% 44% 10%
You will have an instant connection with Ms. Right 45% 18% 37%   Are you ready for Ms. Right? 57% 21% 22%
      Will you recognize Ms. Right? 54% 16% 30%
You are most likely to meet Ms. Right:     The qualities you seek in Ms. Right are the:
bar or club 8%     same ones you have 52%  
gay pride event 10%     ones you are working to get 28%  
through friend 41%     ones you neither have nor want 6%  
personal ad 4%     unsure 14%  
online 19%    
grocery store 19%    
*US = Unsure  

Some enlightening comments:
Ms. Right can also be found in women's groups (political,social,church,work, etc...)
This was a fun exercise but we all know our ability to give love and be loved is infinite
I now believe that there is more than one Ms. right during our lifetime and this has come with age. We have to remember that we also have to have something of value to offer our lovers, instead of just taking.

What some of our readers have to give to Ms. Right:
a good heart, an open mind forever seeking truth, and a love for all expressions of beauty
the best of me, the worst of me, all of me.
confidence, good sense of humor, intelligence, sprituality,appriciation of life

What some of our readers are looking for in Ms. Right
respects herself, educated, self-assured, positive attitude, goal oriented
honesty, patience, emotional maturity, physical and spiritual health, sense of humour, imagination
A good body and an explorative mind.
someone who can accept me for who i am, and not try to change me
will listen instead of finishing my sentences for me

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