March 2002

Strip Club

Survey Results -- 98 Entries
Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding

An erotic dancer squirts the crowd with breast milk. You most likely:   You slip a $1 into an erotic dancer's thong. At the very least you expect her to:   You discover that your sexy new neighbor is an erotic dancer. She probably
Try to catch a taste 5%   give you a hug 40%   is dancing her way through school 61%
Get pissed if any gets on your clothes 24%   give you a kiss 17%   is supporting a kid/kids 17%
Hope she will squirt her "other" milk into the crowd 19%   give you a lap dance 11%   is supporting a drug habit 1%
save your $1 for the next dancer 41%   pull your head into her breasts 18%   is trying to become model or legit dancer 16%
Go home 8%   pull your head into her crotch 7%   is investing the "tip" money in the S&P 500 3%
You are dating an erotic dancer. You:   A friend suggests you would make a great dancer. You
are too secure to be threatened by her job 46%   perish the thought 69%
go to every show, making sure no one gets out of line 16%   sign up for the amateur rumpshaking competition 27%
stay home, don't want to see crowd lusting after her 25%   quit your day job 3%
demand she quit her job 10%  

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