Labels Survey
A label usually describes:   My opinion about labels has been influenced by
what you think of yourself 17%   my peers 22%
what other people think about you 65%   older lesbians 13%
what you want other people to think about you 9%   no one 53%
unsure 3%   unsure 4%
no answer 7%   no answer 8%
How one self-identifies (butch, femme, etc) can change over time   People who use descriptive labels
TRUE 73%   should only date a person using the opposite label 0%
FALSE 8%   should date anyone regardless of label 85%
unsure 12%   unsure 6%
no answer 7%   no answer 9%
People who call themselves butch/femme/etc:   Not into labels is actually a label in itself
are limited by these categories 46%   TRUE 47%
are not limited by these categories 38%   FALSE 38%
unsure 9%   unsure 7%
no answer 7%   no answer 9%
Labels in the lesbian community describe:   People who call themselves butch/femme/etc:
how people dress 6%   define their own lives 35%
sexuality and sensuality 2%   have fallen prey to lesbian stereotypes 26%
how people behave 6%   copy heteroseuxal sex/gender roles 24%
all of the above 78%   unsure 9%
none of the above 2%   no answer 7%
no answer 7%    
A stud is:   A Quetta is:
a horse 0%   an ex girlfriend 2%
another word for butch 77%   another word for femme 25%
a small diamond earing 10%   a hairstyle 0%
a guy with a lot of stamina 1%   a type of rock 1%
unsure 1%   unsure 60%
no answer 10%   no answer 12%
A femme is most likely to be:   A butch is most likely to be:
a great cook 0%   low maintenance 4%
high maintenance 21%   a player 4%
a drama queens 1%   aggressive 36%
nurturing 15%   the breadwinner 3%
all of the above 37%   all of the above 31%
no answer 26%   no answer 23%
People who are not into labels:   People who are not into labels:
think labels are too confining 80%   think no one should identify as butch or femme 0%
are probably closeted 2%   think they are better than people who do use labels 8%
are confused 3%   live and let live 79%
unsure 4%   unsure 4%
no answer 12%   no answer 9%
My knowledge of lesbian history comes mostly from:   I know a lot about lesbian history
elders 4%   TRUE 22%
my own research 69%   FALSE 61%
friends 14%   no answer 17%
no answer 12%    
I am   I identify as
lesbian 67%   butch or stud 15%
bisexual 19%   femme 19%
straight 2%   a bit of both 29%
other 3%   no labels 26%
no answer 9%   no answer 10%
My age bracket   I consider myself
18 to 25 51%   a feminist 14%
26 to 35 27%   a womanist 27%
36 to 45 12%   non political 26%
46 to 55 3%   unsure 10%
no answer 7%   no answer 22%

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Some Comments:

*I always hated being thought of as 'butch' until i realized it was my thoughts putting that image on myself.
*Who is likely to have good credit-In my experience, whoever has the most money.
*Think all responses depend on the individual.
*I don't think that any of the options for definition of butch was appropriate.
*It is funny how after answering all those questions I still, quickly, answered what my label is.
*I just like to chill on them, because being me consists of more than just dressing and acting a certain way. Too confining, I say!
*I am into compatability more than labels. Sometimes, when you are caught up into labels, you can miss a woman who really might be the one for you or vise versa.

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