July 2001

Kinkiness Quotient

Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding

Spankings are   I like being restrained during sex   I like attending leather or SM events
A girl's best friend 21%   Frequently 7%   Frequently 4%
Mildly entertaining 31%   Somewhat 39%   Somewhat 5%
Rare and far in between 22%   Rarely 30%   Rarely 17%
best when hell freezes over 21%   Never 21%   Never 69%
I find hot wax or the idea of hot wax
Leather and lace     I like watching others dong kinky acts
Breathtaking 14%   Suits my pace 40%   Frequently 34%
Somewhat erotic 40%   Doesn't make the grade 53%   Somewhat 27%
cute 44%   Perish the thought 5%   Rarely 25%
  Never 11%
Being a dom (dominant) or sub (submissive):   Adding a little kink to my sex life   My favorite type of restraint would be
Empowers me 11%   Spices up my sexual appetite 51%   hand cuffs 22%
allow me to surrender or assume sexual control 27%   Is exciting sometimes 38%   leather 13%
Spices up my sex life 30%   Nice idea but I'm a bit more conservative 5%   rope 3%
Does not apply 29%   Is not quite my cup of tea 3%   scarves 57%
  chains 0%
My knowledge of S&M is   Kinkyness is
Expert 1%   A state of mind 70%
Fairly competent 11%   A way to release my daily frustrations 17%
Somewhat knowledgeable but tell me more 22%   All about the physical 7%
I don't know enough 62%   Another form of physical abuse 2%

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