January 2002

Sexual Situations

Survey Results -- 64 Entries
Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding

What's the longest you've gone without sex
After you break up, what happens to the sex toys   How did you learn to masturbate?
3 months 67%   Split them up 17%   experimenting with your body 4%
6 months 10%   Cut them up 6%   a book 7%
1 year 4%   Take them all 26%   a friend showed/told you 4%
2 years 4%   Let her keep them 45%   watching porno 10%
more than 2 years 9%   I still don't know how 12%
You had a one night stand with your best friend's new girlfriend   You want a one night stand with a stranger, you go to   Your ex has a videotape she took of you masturbating
tell your best friend 17%   your house 7%   no big deal, let her keep it 28%
pretend it never happened 62%   her house 32%    hope she'll forget about it 10%
suggest a threesome 9%   a friend's house 6%   steal and destroy it 53%
make it a 2 night stand 7%   rent a hotel/motel room 40%   take her to court 6%
  the backseat of a car 7%  
  If you ever do take an ex to court, which show would you choose  
  Judge Judy 23%  
  Judge Joe Brown 7%  
  Judge Matthis 26%  
  Judge Hatchet 23%  
  People's Court 15%  

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