February 2002

Valentine's Day

Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding

Valentine's Day is   Being single on Valentine's Day   How much money do you expect to spend for Valentine's Day
the most important day of the year (for couples) 20%   sucks 29%   less than $20 19%
not a real holiday 16%   is an excuse to buy yourself a present 9%   $20 to $50 45%
a nasty reminder that I am single 14%  
no big deal
41%   $51 to $100 16%
a way for florists and Hallmark to make money 45%   a chance to hang out with friends 7%   $101 to $150 5%
is a reason to have a one night stand
8%   over $150 9%
Your girl forgets to get you a Valentine's Day present   What Valentine's gift do you prefer   VD stands for
you start an argument 8%   chocolate 5%   Venereal Disease 70%
start your official search for a new woman 4%   flowers 4%   Valentine's Day 23%
don't argue, but she gets none for a while 26%   loveletter or poem 33%   Veteran's Day 1%
it's no big deal, you forgot too 16%   dinner 20%   Video Director 0%
forgive, but she better remember the anniversary 41%   card 7%   Vieto Delicti 2%
    sexy nightwear 26%  

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