December 2001


Survey Results -- 82 Entries
Percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding

If you are not satisfied after a sexual encounter, you   You fall out of love with your current girl, do you   After a great session of love making, you
Have an arguement with your lover 3%   Break up with her 80%   go to sleep in each other's arms 82%
Keep doing it until she gets it right 48%   Secretly start looking for the next girl 13%   take a shower 10%
Take care of business yourself 36%   Hope she  breaks up with you 3%   raid the kitchen or order Chinese 3%
Call someone else to get the job done 7%   call a cab for your guest 1%
If your lover is not sexually satisfied, you would   To satisfy your lover, you will do anything except:   Would you rather:
Ask her what you can do to please her 91%   Oral Sex/go down on her 4%   give 24%
Nothing 2%   Use A Strap On/Dildo 2%   receive 10%
Consult the Joy Of Lesbian Sex 3%   Fisting 35%   do both 63%
Ask A Friend For Advice 0%   Anal Sex (oral/rimming ) 17%    
Help Her Find A New Girlfriend 1%   Anal Sex (penetration) 12%    
  Bonadage (tie her up or vice versa) 2%    
  S & M 23%    
  If you had to be a contestant on a reality tv show, it would be    
  The Amazing Race 10%    
    Survivor 8%    
  The Real World 48%    
  Temptation Island 12%    
  Blind Date 17%    

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