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ASK First

(Always Seek Knowledge First)

A few months ago, we asked readers what questions they would put on an application to screen prospective girlfriends. We received well over five hundred questions. We've sorted, categorized, and pared the questions down to get the final list.

This application delves into current views and past behavior in relationships as well as general personal information. You can use these questions in two ways:
  1. Assess Others: You can actually print this application out and give it to a potential girlfriend, but these issues may come up naturally during the dating/getting to know you period. These are questions you probably want answers to before you make her your wifey.

  2. Self Assessment: Answer the questions yourself to gain a better sense of who you are and what you are looking for. After all, you never know what a potential girlfriend may ask and it looks good if you've already given the issue some thought.

ASK First as HTML | ASK First as pdf

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