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The Xtasy Tale Archive

Visitors were invited to add a paragraph to an existing erotic story.
Over 30 community stories are here.

OverheardYou never know who's listening . . .
The LongingWill you be satisfied with watching from afar or will you reach out to get what you want.
Nubian CinderellaWill Dana be able to find the girl that set her pussy on fire?
First Timea 22 year old sets out to get some . . . experience
Reunitedwill they fall in love all over again?
Hot Fun In The Summer TimeIt can get awfully hot in July . . .
My Little SecretWhat do you do when the thought of her makes you want to go astray . . .
O.P.P.What do you do when the one you want is a playa?
Chillin' In The ParkCan Shyne convince a new cutie to give her some play?
Co-WorkersWill these two teachers give in to their desires?
Still Waiting For The Truth That IzCan friends become lovers?
The TreatmentBelle spends a day at the Spa and gets more than she bargained for.
Kurious KarenShe's ready to make your fantasy come true . . .
Special DeliveryThe pizza isn't the only thing that's hot!
Come To MeWill Chauncey have a chance to work her boss over?
Need A Vacation?Nikki is going on vacation with her friends, and she's leaving her girl at home . . .
That StudWhat happens when a woman you shouldn't be attracted to suddenly starts appearing in your fantasies?
InspirationGina has run out of ideas, maybe all that delicious eye candy at the park will give her some inpiration.
One NightWill she take you up on your offer for a one night stand?
Chocolate's DesireWill Chocolate have a happy Valentine's Day
Accidents Will HappenShe's the woman of your dreams, and you just dented/scratch her car. What are you going to do?
A Christmas StoryWill Leslie give or receive?
Sensual DanceYou can't get any action if you just lean against the wall.
ExplorationsJust because two girls fantasize about doing each other, that doesn't make them gay . . . does it?
Taking A GambleIn Las Vegas there is more than 1 way to hit the jackpot.
The InvitationBlack lesbians of lust and desire invites you to a women's only fetish party . . .
New NeighborThere goes the neighborhood . . .
CravingsSometimes, you can't scratch that itch yourself.
The First TimeYou know what they say about curiousity . . .
R. A.Catering to the whims of upperclasswomen . . .
Don't Ask, Don't TellThere's nothing like a woman in uniform, except a woman out of one . . .
Long Distance LoveHow does one survive those lonely nights?
Best FriendsCan you make her forget about him?
Chance MeetngGood deeds don't go unrewarded.
All In The FamilyIt's literarlly a family affair. (Family-in-law, that is)
I C UYou never know who's watching
Extreme DesiresTrina has a desire that only another woman can satisfy . . .
Ida HoYou can meet a fine girl even in a small town.
Can I Get A WitnessSometimes, love (or lust) just shows up on your doorstep.
Club sExpressionsIt's opening night . . .
The Perfect GetawayIt's a rainy Sunday morning . . . what will this couple do to entertain themselves?
The AwakeningPretending to be the perfect wife, Simone thought she could ignore her feelings for women. But the desire has resurfaced and begs to be fulfilled.
A Night Out On The TownTami is on the prowl, but will she find what's she's looking for?
The FirmTasha is an intern at one of the nation's best law firms, but how far does she have to go to get respect from her bitchy boss?
Training With The CoachWhat happens when Jolie turns the tables on her coach?
The CafeCafe au lait, danish, and . . . love?
The InitiationBlindfolded, Leah is at the mercy of her new sorority sisters.
0069Secret Agent 0069 has a dangerous assignment. If she fails, the world as we know it may be destroyed, but to succeed she may have to sacrifice body and soul.
The CruiseWhat better place for love than on a valentines cruise???
Storm Center Will a winter storm help rekindle a relationship or put it on ice . . . permanently?
Swing Low Is it lust or love in the choir loft??
The Party Tamille is throwing a party and you are invited . . .
Her You see her, you want her. What are you going to do to get her?
The Locker Room You've just lost a big game. You and the delicious looking #49 are the only ones left in the locker room. Maybe you'll offer to dry her off when she comes out of the shower . . .
The Teacher's Pet You are a student at Kuma University and there has been some serious eye contact going on between you and that sexy professor. What are you going to do?
Camp Kuma Far away from hectic city life, three friends on a camping trip/women's retreat fulfill all of their sexual fantasies.
The Train StationIn the midst of your daily commute to work, the woman of your fantasies sits across from you. What will you do?

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