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_____Spiritspace is about healing old scars, reclaiming our spirituality and creating new institutions that work for us. It is a place where spirituality and sexuality intersect at last. It's not limited to Judeo-Christianity but if that is your experience, than it is certainly welcome here. We invite your essays, spiritual coming out stories, short stories, song lyrics and poetry. Whether you serve one God or many Gods, we would love to hear about it. What we are especially interested in is how you were able to embrace your sexual orientation along with your spirituality. It is our belief that stories like these will not only uplift the reader who may be undergoing a similar struggle but will reaffirm the storyteller as well.
_____Lastly, if you are already in a loving spiritual community, where you are able to celebrate your spirituality as an out person, don't hesitate in discussing these environments in Spiritspace. Those communities need to be publicly acknowledged and commended.

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