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Punishment Or Pleasure

I’d heard her, I just couldn’t believe it. My owner had just told me she wanted me to put on my "dominant cap" and whip a girl, but not just any girl...the girl who had almost lucked her way into a collar, my Mistress's collar. Emotions swarmed through me, overwhelmed me. Mistress was joking...she was laughing, she’d said it was just a fun thought, to watch the cruel side of her slut come out, to sit back and enjoy the mean streak pound through her slut’s veins as she let it all loose on this unsuspecting girl. But....then...she wasn’t joking. She really loved the idea, wanted it, and was watching me intently for a reaction. She got one, it couldn’t be hidden to one who knew me so well. I hated the memories that tore through me, the fear and the dread that it brought back. My god I’d almost lost everything I ever wanted. Everything I’d worked for over nearly two long years to have. For a short time that damn girl had the privilege of having what was my everything, my love, my owner, my Mistress. I wanted to forget, not remember, not be angry, not beat that stupid cried. I told my owner of all my feelings and she understood, let it go, it wasn’t that important.


I, kyra, didn't let it go, couldn’t get the thought out of my lingered, it cajoled, it enticed even. My owner’s voice kept whispering in my mind as she told of what appealed to her about it, the pleasure she got from the thought of her girl being cruel and letting her anger out. The images began to seep into my mind until I finally spoke my thoughts and begged with a whispered, "Mistress, bring the girl to your slut please, she pleads to be allowed to give you that pleasure." The surprise in my owner’s face was evident, yet, it happened, with no more words, no more talking, the girl came and kyra was no longer a slut, but Megriana...for that moment in time, Mistress Megriana to be exact.
So there I stood with a hard gaze cast upon the girl. My eyes darkening as I looked her over, noting her smooth tan unblemished skin, the heat in her cheeks, her body nude and vulnerable. With not a word I drew back my arm and smacked the girl across the cheek, hard, and whispered, "To your knees slut." The girl dropped to her knees, not really out of response, but by sheer force, her eyes took on a new look, shock and, something else...was it desire?
I walked around the girl, reaching out to grab her hair, yanking so that she had no choice but to straighten her back, looking deep into her eyes before they fell under the intensity of my gaze. "You understand I'm going to do whatever I want to you today?" I asked her.
The girl’s voice wavered as she whispered. "Yes Maam."
Smack! Harsh fingers again left an imprint on the other side of her face. "That's Mistress, slut. You will respond with, 'Yes, Mistress.' You understand?" She responded appropriately this time. I doubted she’d forget again.
My eyes darkened as thoughts of unspeakable torture teased at the fringes of my mind. A toy to play with, especially one that I held such contempt for, whether the girl deserved it or not, was flooding my thoughts with possibilities. With a sudden forceful and decisive move, I grabbed her by the hair again and drug her across the floor, heedless of the pathetic whimpering as the girl scrambled to keep up, knees scraping along the stone floor. Grabbing the stumbling girls wrist as I grasped the cuffs chained to the wall, I locked both wrists as far apart as possible with about six inches of leeway from the chain allowing her movement...her back to me as I pushed her legs away from the wall making her spread eagle, forcing her to place her palms on the wall to keep from falling. This position left her body open from the back and front, for whatever I wished to do. With slow deliberation, I bound each ankle in position so she now became helplessly spread open while clutching at the wall or else end up hanging from the chains. Without a second thought I turned and my eyes locked on owner.
She sat there watching me, silent, not a word upon her lips, but so much displayed in her dark eyes. With a cool calculated move she lifted the glass of wine to her full sweet lips and sipped, though her gaze never dropped or left me. Slowly her tongue caressed away the last traces of wine from her lips as she leaned back and obviously meant to get comfortable for the show. With considerable effort, and a steely look glazing over my eyes, I drug my attention back from the dark beauty in my line of vision to the slave now obviously getting uncomfortable. The muscles in her arms and legs rippled as she struggled to keep her footing. I moved closer to the girl, a rope nearby becoming my next tool as I wrapped the cord tight around each breast, squeezing it to produce two bubbles protruding, nipples hardening, the color changing to a deeper pink, purple even. The girl’s whimpers caught my attention and I pulled at her hair, exposing her face as I whispered, "You have a problem bitch?"
The girl blanched and murmured..."no Mistress"...though her discomfort was evident. With a smile of satisfaction and total disdain I reached out and pinched each nipple very hard, twisting it before letting go then grabbing some clamps and locking them in place, watching the swollen obviously aching globes turn a soft shade of purple. The girl moaned out, obviously in pain. With a slow smile I took the end of the rope and reached up connecting it to the hook in the center of the wall, tying it there so that if she didn't hold herself up the rope would pull even tighter around her poor tortured tits.
Finally I turned and grabbed a cat o' nine tails whip, letting the long leather strands drift over the girl’s naked torso, down along her buttocks and thighs. With deliberate slowness I turned the handle and stroked it down the center of her ass and then rocked it against her pussy. As I drew it back I noted the girls dew left on the leather covered handle. Laughing to myself, I turned and sort of wiggled the handle at my owner to show her the poor little slut was oozing. With precision, my hand covering that dewy passionate excrement, I suddenly and violently raised my arm and flicked it down hard, the whoosh of the leather flowing through the air, the fiery slap of the straps lighting up the girls flesh instantly. Without pause I did it again, and again, marking her ass and thighs and lower back. The writhing whore cried out, her breath hot and quick, fighting to stay standing, the real cruelty in the fact that if she pulled her body down away from the swing of the whip she also yanked at her poor purple tits, and if she let her tits have some relief, the sting of the whip came down bold and relentless, unforgiving.
A glaze of pleasure welled within me, my eyes darkening to black, forgetting my owner watching, forgetting that the girl was really an innocent and with deliberate furious strokes I began to swing the whip over and over upon her helpless body. The girl cried out with each stroke, dropping towards the floor only to yank herself back up because the rope would nearly yank off her swollen pounding tits. Her ass and hips and back reddening with each fierce slice. My own sounds seeming to be even more intent than the slut as I grunted with feverish intent. The words "pain slut" lingered in the recesses of my mind....yes, she dripped with it, her scent filling the air which aided my fury.
Grabbing a large butt plug I stopped the whipping to rub over her obviously swollen pussy lips and whisper...."Do you like that girl, do you want more?" Her breath came in gasps, yet she pleaded for more and I laughed enjoying her hunger. With the plug becoming thoroughly drenched in her juices I paused at the bitches tight ass and leaned in to whisper in her ear...."Take this you fuck hole"...and rammed the huge plug into her tight and unprepared ass, pushing with my palm until it was sunk to the very depths before murmuring. "If it pops out you’ll be hanging here aching for anyone to touch you, and no one will." With that I shoved the handle of the whip into her oozing cunt and unlocked the shackles upon her wrists and ankles. Taking the rope I pulled at her, my eyes blazing as I growled at her. "Either one of those falls out and you’ll be one sorry fucking cunt." I dragged the girl to my owner and shoved her now bruised and battered body to the floor, smacking her ass as she dropped to all fours. With a dark brooding look I murmured...."Beg to serve her you dumb cunt, and it better be good."
As the girl drug up the courage to speak I stood watching, chest heaving from my exertion, adrenaline thundering through my system as my eyes moved from her to my Mistress. Finally, when the girl begged, breathless and barely audible but obviously hot and hungry, to my surprise, my owner parted her thighs and yanked the bitches head up and into her velvety folds. My eyes widened and I groaned, my voice thickened as I leaned down and whispered in that bitches ear as she got the pleasure of such sweetness on her unworthy lips, my voice ragged as I growled...."Now fucking learn what being a slave is you cunt. Pleasure for her, not for you."
As I drew back, my hand reached down and ripped the whip handle from her cunt, heedless of the obvious damage it could do. Without another word, I began to strike her all over again, the cords lapping at her dripping cock hole and dared her to stop licking and sucking at Mistress' perfect pussy. I letting all of my anger flow out through the leather straps until the welts became bloody as she furiously sucked. Finally, when my Mistress violently came, I shoved that helpless pathetic bitch away and placed my own mouth to my Mistress' netherlips, drinking from the precious well that feeds me, her adoring slut.
When my owner came down from the rush of pleasure she pushed me away, her eyes locked on mine. Suddenly, violently, with an unexpected rush she whispered, looking from the battered girl a moment then back at me....."Eat her cunt, kyra." I looked shocked and balked, but only for the briefest of moments because Mistress gave me no time to think. She yanked my hair and shoved my face in the fucking bitches pussy, the cunt I hated, and then grabbed the whip. Swallowing, my voice changing, my heart suddenly skittering, I whispered confused and muffled....."Mistress...?"
Mistress leaned down as she let those same leather tails drift over my own naked body and whispered in my ear, her voice low and foreboding. "That's right, mine, your turn."

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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