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They Think They Know Me

_____Sara removes her robe as soon as her clerk leaves her office. She waits to be sure the young man is actually gone before reaching for her telephone. More than once she has caught the law clerk lurking around outside her door. Sara is aware of the whispers and giggles aimed at her.
_____"They think they know me," she mutters as she polishes the already shining plaque she has been awarded by the Audubon Society.
_____She picks up her telephone and punches in one number. Michelle picks up on the first ring. Sara smiles in spite of herself. "Michelle" she says, "I thought we agreed that you would wait for the signal."
_____"I knew it was you" Michelle says softly. "Are you expecting someone else to answer your phone? You keeping secrets from me?"
_____"You know what I mean," Sara says still smiling.
_____"I'm waiting." Michelle says after a short pause. Her voice has taken on a hard edge. Sara can feel the muscles in her belly tighten. She waits for Michelle to continue speaking. "Come home now" Michelle growls and hangs up.
_____Sara listens to the dial tone for several seconds before she puts down the telephone. Her hands are sweating as she drops the instrument into its cradle. Sara glances at the clock, ten minutes to two. She has another case to hear.
_____There is a fine tremor in her finger as she presses the intercom. Her finger has barely left the button when her clerk, Jack, opens the door. "Something has come up. I have to leave. Judge Butler can finish my calendar today." Sara says this without looking at the young man who is frowning. "That's all," Sara says as she gathers her things. Jack, still frowning, backs out the door.
_____Since her father's suicide, Sara has freedom to behave in ways no one dares question. She takes full advantage of her supposed plight. Today, she has to leave. Michelle is waiting for her. She wants her now. Last week Michelle had come to her chambers. Sara had to lock the door and ignore her intercom.
_____Sara goes to her private bathroom. The mirror in her chamber bathroom is full length and lighted. She squints at her reflection and straightens her back. Sara examines her face and smiles. "Not bad for fifty," she says. She has good skin. She has the olive complexion of her mother and her father's full mouth. She adjusts her father's Star of David to the center of her cleavage.
_____"Not bad for fifty years old," she says again to her twin in the mirrored glass. Sara has had the mirror installed in-order to practice standing straight as instructed by her physical therapist. She has a similar mirror in her bedroom at home. The curve in her spine is becoming pronounced. There is nothing more she can do about her back other than continue to take her calcium tablets and remembering to stand straight.
_____She washes her face and applies fresh make-up. Briskly she brushes her thick auburn hair. Sara removes her panties and puts them into her briefcase. Michelle likes her to be ready. She checks her pubic area for hair. No need to shave, her pussy is smooth.
_____"They think they know me," she repeats as she switches off the bathroom light. Before leaving her chamber, she surveys the room. All is in order. She locks the door and walks quickly down the hallway. Sara leaves the building without looking back. She does not greet the knot of lawyers milling outside the court house. They say nothing to her.
_____ She settles behind the wheel of her Lincoln Town car, adjusts the mirror and starts the engine. She hikes up her skirt. "I have a lot to be thankful for she says. I am a judge. I have money." Counting the insurance money left to her after her father's death, Sara has real money. "Freedom. Money is freedom. I can do whatever I want. That includes talking to myself." She laughs aloud at her last comment.
_____ Downtown Scarsdale traffic is light. Sara easily maneuvers through the loose web of cars. She barely notices her fellow drivers, young women on their way to retrieve their children from school.
_____"Murdered himself," Sara grimaces. Had her dad murdered someone else, he would be in jail. "He murdered himself. I guess he's in hell," she mutters. "He is in hell," she says louder this time, startling herself. Her voice is bitter. "At least I'm not pitiful," she grunts as she reaches for the radio dial. She allows the soft rock music to fill the car, to fill the space around her like a musical cocoon. Sara has only recently developed a taste for rock music, soft or otherwise. Since meeting Michelle, Sara has several newly acquired tastes.
_____As she listens to the sultry lyrics of the vocalist, heat builds between her legs. Sara touches herself there in the middle of the hot spot, in the middle of traffic, in the middle of town. She smiles.
_____"They think they know me," Sara repeats her mantra as she rounds the corner into her block.
_____Her's is a lovely colonial house with two wood burning fireplaces, one in her bedroom and the other in the living-room. The house has four bedrooms and is set behind lush hedges. The hedges are fronted by an impressive lawn which serve to preserve her privacy and to blunt street noise.
_____Sara touches herself again. She is slick, and wet. Her pussy is engorged. "I am pussy," she says into the air.
_____Sara parks her car, and swings her legs out. She is aware that her skirt has ridden up her lap. She sits wide legged, her thighs spread open. The cool September air feels good on her crotch.
_____Sara forces herself to walk slowly to her front door. She wants to run, fling the door open like an excited kid. She forces herself to walk slowly. She is sure Michelle is watching her from the bedroom window. Michelle has told she likes to see her move.
_____Sara straightens her back as she slides her key into the lock. The key is unnecessary, the door swings open as she touches it. The heat between her legs returns as does the tension in her belly. "Michelle?" She calls softly. "Michelle?" No answer. She creeps up the stairs her brow is furrowed. Sara nervously plucks at the collar of her blouse. She walks into her bedroom. The room is cool. The drapes are closed. The room is dimly lighted by a flickering candle.
_____There is a bottle of wine and two glasses on her dresser. She checks the dresser for moisture stains. Neither the bottle nor the glasses are sweating. She places the items on the dressers' scarf.
_____The air is laced with incense and the heavy aroma of marijuana. There is a note on the pillow. "…took too long, went out, be back whenever" michelle. She spells her name with small letters, printed childlike, block style. Sara crumples the note and herself on the side of the bed. She wails, "I came as fast as I could!"
_____Sara jumps up and runs into her bathroom, then down the hall to the other bathrooms. She throws open bedroom doors and looks into closets. "Where are you?" Her voice is edged with panic. Sara returns to the head of the stairs and grips the hand rail. She looks confused, her mind blanked with fear and something else. Rage.
_____She doesn't hear Michelle until she speaks a second time. "Let me see you." Michelle's voice floats up to her. Sara starts down the stairs. "No. I said let me see you." Her voice is cold and commanding.
_____"Michelle what-"
_____"I said let me see you." Now, her voice is hushed, guttural. Rage gives way to respectful anticipation. Sara obeys. She pulls her blouse over her head. "Go on, dammit," Michelle hisses'. Sara unhooks her bra and drops it on the floor with the blouse. "What the hell is the matter with you?" Michelle is shouting now. "I said show yourself to me." Her words are clipped, harsh.
_____Slowly, Sara lifts her skirt and straightens her back. "Let me see you," Each word of Michelle's directive is carefully pronounced. "Go on. Show me." Michelle stands there with her arms folded across her chest. Sara lifts her skirt higher exposing her bald pussy. "Show me everything." Michelle whispers.
_____Sara snakes her fingers between the lips of her hidden mouth. Using fore and index fingers, she opens herself. She opens herself to Michelle's view. She is full pussy now.
_____Sara's primary functioning organ is her vagina. All her other organs are in service to her sex.
_____Michelle slowly takes the stairs. She takes her time. She keeps Sara fixed in her gaze. Michelle stares into Sara's eyes. Sara's face reddens. Shame creeps into her cheeks blanching then flaming her skin.
_____When Michelle is two steps below Sara, she reaches for her lovers' buttocks, grips and squeezes one smooth cheek in each of her hands. Sara's posture is perfect. Michelle lowers her mouth to Sara's opened vagina and sucks. Michelle sucks fingers, vagina and all. Sara thrusts her pelvis toward Michelle's face. Michelle pulls the plump clit into her mouth and inhales greedily. Sara comes.
_____"They think they know me," Sara says as the convulsion subsides.
_____"I know you," Michelle mumbles, her voice is muffled against salty flesh.
_____As Sara quiets down, relaxes her muscles, the curve in her upper back, just below her shoulders nudges her head gently forward. Sara doesn't mind. Michelle doesn't notice. Slowly, Michelle walks Sara toward her bedroom door.
_____Inside the dimly lighted room, Michelle ushers Sara to the Queen Ann chair near the window. Michelle holds her finger up to her lips, as she directs Sara to sit. Sara obediently folds herself the chair. She is silent, attentive. Michelle goes to the bed and throws back the covers. Coiled beneath the blanket, is a slim red belt.
_____It is the belt from a dress she'd selected for Sara three days ago. Sara hadn't liked the dress. Red is not her color. Michelle liked the dress. She especially liked the belt. Sara paid for the outfit.
_____Michelle gestures for Sara to stand. Michelle sits wide legged on the edge on the bed. Sara slowly gets to her feet, her eyes glued to the red strap. Michelle is wrapping the red leather around her right hand. "Come here" she whispers.
_____"Michelle, I-" Sara stops speaking when Michelle raises her eyebrows.
_____"OK, screw this." Michelle stands and throws the strap down. "If you don't want me, I'll leave."
_____Sara, her head down, slowly approaches the bed. Her arms hang limply at her sides. Michelle resumes her seat as Sara approaches her. Sara retrieves the belt from the floor. She lays it lightly across Michelle's lap.
_____Michelle does not touch the strap. Instead, she issues an order and a warning. "Turn around, and lift your skirt. If you open your mouth again, I'm out of here."
_____Sara lifts her skirt as she slowly turns. Her ass is exposed. "You do have a lovely ass," Michelle sighs. She leans forward, begins to place light kisses on the dimpled flesh. Every few kisses, Michelle bites Sara. Sara lets her head roll back as soft moans travel up her belly, her throat and out her mouth.
_____Using her left hand, Michelle squirts baby oil on Sara's behind. Michelle rubs the satin liquid into Sara's skin. She uses circular motions. She cups Sara's ass as if to weigh the cheeks. Sara can feel the leather crease her skin. She arches her back. Michelle inserts her thumb into Sara's rectum. The arch in Sara's back becomes sharper, exposing succulent vulvas.
_____Michelle uses her thumb to penetrate Sara. She strokes the oil into the dark passage. Sara begins making small fuck motions with her hips. With each forward motion of her hips, Michelle inserts more of her hand into Sara's ass. Sara fucks quietly, head back, eyes closed, she fucks.
_____"Judge," Michelle says, "I judge you indecent." She quickly withdraws her hand and lashes Sara across her ass with the red belt. Sara gasps as tear's sting her eyes. She lets go of the skirt and is in a half turn when Michelle commands, "Stand still." Sara can feel the flesh of her ass burn and tremble. "Keep your eyes open, watch yourself." Sara obeys. She looks at herself in her mirror.
_____Her face is flushed, her eyes widen as the strap stings her again and again. She catches her breath and jerks forward with each slap of the belt.
_____"Don't tighten up, stay loose, open for me." Michelle's voice is tender, loving. Sara concentrates on keeping the muscles of her backside soft. She breathes quick, short doggy, breathes. For the next few seconds all that can be heard in the room is the whiz of the strap, the slap of leather to skin and Sara, panting.
_____Sara struggles against the impulse to catch the belt with her hands. Instead, she grabs her skirt, pulls it up until she can get the material into her mouth, and bites down while offering up her ass. She keeps cadence with the red leather strap.
_____Slowly, the whipping ceases to be a stinging spanking. It is now a delicious glowing heat. A blessing. Sara arches her back as hard as she can. She keeps herself in view in the mirror. A wild woman is reflected in the polished glass. Gazing at the woman in the mirror, Sara allows the skirt to drop from her mouth. She holds the garment loosely gathered around her waist. Her mouth is open. Her lips are moist. Her hair has become savage. She rhythmically pumps her ass back and forth. Sara meets the strap as it comes for her. Now, the sound of Michelle breathing mingle with hers. Breath, strapped flesh, breath. They are a unit.
_____Sara is hypnotized by the woman in the mirror. Michelle is sweating as she labors. The muscles of her back, neck and shoulders bunch and extend with her work. Sara is aware of her straining, stinging vagina. She arches really hard, the belt kisses the pouting hairless lips.
_____Michelle lets go of the strap. "Just stand there," she orders. Sara remains fixed in position. She can hear the shifting of clothing and the creek of the bed as Michelle moves around behind her. "Stay right there," Michelle orders. The bedroom door slams. Sara is alone with her mirror. She is obedient. She does not move. Sara watches the woman in the mirror. She is naked from the waist up. Her skirt is gathered in her hands. Sara nods at this familiar stranger. She looks at her bulging nipples, her loose hair and her glistening pussy. She looks at the clock. How much time has passed? Ten minutes? Twenty? Sara is about to touch her pussy when the door crashes open. "I said don't move."
_____Michelle has strapped up.
_____"You touching my stuff?" Michelle's voice is hard. She circles Sara, then takes her seat on the bed. Sara eyes are stretched wide. She remains quiet. Waiting, Sara is waiting. "Turn around." Sara turns to face Michelle. She turns her love to her lover. "Give it to me." The command is simple, direct. Sara arches her pussy so that the little crown is visible between her lips. Michelle suckles. Sara watches her pink lips disappear into Michelle's mouth. Just as she is into a full pump, is raising her leg to give Michelle all her love, Michelle pulls back. "No, don't cum yet" she says. "I don't want you to cum yet." Michelle uses both her hands to slowly turn Sara back toward reflection in the mirror.
_____Carefully, Michelle pulls Sara down onto her dick. Michelle legs are spread. Sara's are together. The head of Michelle's dick locks easily into the waiting arms of Sara's ass.
_____Michelle spreads Sara's whelped ass and slowly works herself into the back corridor. Sara wills herself to stay relaxed as Michelle guides her down onto her dick. When she is almost fully inside Sara's butt, Michelle reaches around for pussy and says, "Stay soft. Open it." Her breath is hot on Sara's back. Sara spreads her lips. She uses the edge of her skirt to better grip the slick flesh of her shaved pussy. She stares at her hard knobby clitoris and Michelle's slender fingers.
_____Sara used to worry that her clitoris was too long, her vaginal lips too loose, that was before she watched Michelle suck her. Now she wishes her lips were looser, her clit longer…
_____Michelle uses one finger to rock the little head back and forth. She masturbates Sara almost to the point of orgasm. Sara is close to the edge. She uses her finger to help Michelle flick the little crown.
_____"They think they know me." The thought flutters across bottom of Sara's mind as she concentrates on staying open. Sara watches her breasts bounce forward in response to the backward rock of her hips.
_____The oil on her ass and the wet of her vagina mingle.
_____Michelle leaves Sara to tend her pussy on her own. She puts one hand on each of her woman's hips and easily slides her up and down her dick. Michelle is almost in full tilt.
_____Sara allows Michelle to bear her full weight as she takes over masturbating herself.
_____Michelle pushes her forward. Using her belted hand, she holds Sara in position. She drives her dick home.
_____Michelle furiously fucks Sara's ass as though it is her pussy. Sara opens her mouth as if to scream, instead she looks up and captures the view of her mirrored self. She forgets the scream. She comes again, this time with Michelle…
_____Michelle allows herself to fall back across the bed. Her arms are flung over her head, her dreds spread like a halo. Her face is soft, open, innocent. She begins to snore softly as her head graces the pillow.
_____Sara straightens up. Lightly, she strokes Michelle's face, then covers her with the down comforter.
_____Sara stands naked at her dresser staring at the crumpled bed. She can see Michelle's hair peaking above her bed covers. "I love dreds," she whispers. Engrossed with the figure huddled in her sheets, Sara rubs her pussy. She brings her gaze back to her reflection in the highly polished glass. Again, she uses her fingers to open her secret mouth. Sara tastes herself, then smiles. "She knows me."
_____Sara straightens her back. She holds herself straight for several seconds then allows her back to relax into the curve that is becoming increasingly pronounced.
_____Sara picks up a glass and tosses the room temperature wine down her throat. She checks the dresser for stains before setting the empty goblet carefully on the dresser's scarf. She looks up into the mirror pass her own reflection. Michelle, curled on her side, continues to sleep. Sara smiles, first at Michelle, then at herself.
_____She glances up at her robe hanging on the back of her bedroom door. "They think they know me." She says aloud to her twin in the mirror. Sara deliberately straightens her back, then moves to the bed. She picks up the leather strap. Sara slaps the belt across the palm of her hand and smiles. "This is dangerous," she says, aloud as she moves toward the bed. "But I can't stop. She loves me . . ."


Copyright © 1999. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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