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Cotton Gloves
Joli Agnew

Myrlee heard the car tires crunching the gravel driveway. A surge of relief flooded her veins. Ordella's home.

Glancing at the bedside clock, Myrlee noted the time. Almost midnight. How long does a Mother's Day dinner last?

Knowing Ordella's children, they probably tried to keep their mother overnight. The kids hated their mother's relationship with Myrlee. Hated Myrlee. They never brought the subject out in the open. It was not something they wanted to discuss. To know. Just the idea of their mother having a sex life made them upset.

The scratching of a key in the lock alerted Myrlee. She stayed in the bedroom. She didn't want Ordella to know she waited up for her. That she worried all day.

Ordella entered the silent house. Myrlee was comforted by the sound of her partner's clicking heels. Comforted, yet her heart pumped with anticipation as Ordella walked into the bedroom.

Myrlee faked sleep, watching the other woman through half-opened eyes. She needed this moment to see what kind of mood Ordella was in. She was hoping horny, but Myrlee seriously doubted it. Her lover was probably exhausted.

The hall light streamed into the bedroom, casting a soft glow on Ordella. She looked beautiful in her hat and dress. Elegant and refined. Aloof and regal like an African goddess. This wasn't the woman Myrlee knew intimately. Myrlee couldn't wait for Ordella to strip off the clothes. To expose the earthy, sensual woman underneath.

Ordella reached up to take the long pin out of her white wide-brimmed hat. She pulled off the hat and ran her gloved hand through the tight graying curls.

She tugged the fingers of her startling white gloves. Short pulls starting from the little finger to the thumb. Myrlee felt each tug deep in her tummy. She watched, mesmerized, as Ordella peeled the glove off of her brown hand. Ordella started on the other cotton glove. Myrlee didn't think she could handle the innocent undressing.

“Ordella?" Myrlee murmured.

Ordella's head turned sharply. "Did I wake you up?" she whispered, tugging the glove off and tossing it onto the floor. "I'm sorry."

"No, no. I'm glad to see you. I've missed you." Myrlee winced at her words. She didn't want to reveal that. She made a show of looking at the clock. "It's midnight. I guess you had a good time."

"It was good to see all my kids and grandbabies." Ordella kicked off her leather shoes while unbuttoning her yellow silk dress.

"What did you do?"

"What we do every year." The silk slid down her curves and pooled onto the floor. "It's a tradition."

Myrlee tuned out Ordella as she described the Mother's Day breakfast, the church ceremony and the outing at the National Zoo. Instead, Myrlee allowed the melodic flow of her voice coast over her tightening muscles.

"Those grandbabies of mine wore me out." She unsnapped her creamy white bra. Her full breasts burst out into freedom.

Myrlee stared at the amazing sight. Desire blazed through her chest. She never got tired of seeing her lover's naked breasts. "And how were the kids?" She didn't really want to know, but she felt Ordella would like to talk about her two children.

Ordella rolled her eyes as she shucked off her panties. Myrlee bit her lip to prevent purring. "Monique wants me to baby-sit a couple of times this week."

Myrlee swallowed a sigh. Knowing Ordella, she agreed whether or not she had the time. "And DeShaun?"

Ordella sighed. "He asked me for a loan' again."

Myrlee's full lips twisted in anger. What was wrong with Ordella's children? The day was set to honor their mother and all they did was try to get something out of her. It was just like any other day.

"What did they give you?" Myrlee asked, recognizing the huskiness in her voice.

"My grandkids gave me some artwork that I promised I would display prominently on my refrigerator." Ordella's white teeth flashed in the darkness as she smiled, sending a curious warmth through Myrlee's heart. "Monique gave me a necklace and DeShaun got me flowers. Oh, and they all gave me a corsage."

Her mouth slackened as she watched Ordella walk to the dresser and remove a nightgown from a drawer. The nightgown was an old present from one of her kids. A granny's nightgown.

Hmm…seems Ordella is still in grandmother mode.

"Don't bother putting that on." Myrlee's voice came out as a seductive growl.

"Huh?" Ordella stopped and looked over her shoulder. "What?"

"That nightgown will be off of you in a matter of seconds," Myrlee promised.

Ordella turned around and placed her hands on her ample hips. "Is that right?" she teased.

Myrlee flipped a corner of the blanket. "Come here so I can give you your Mother's Day present."

"What are you talking about?" Ordella asked as she sauntered toward the bed.

"Okay, so only children and fathers give the presents. But I think it's time to start a new tradition."

"I like the sounds of that." Ordella crawled into bed. She opened her arms and cradled Myrlee close.

Their lips met. Ordella placed soft, sweet kisses on the edge of Myrlee's mouth. Myrlee nibbled Ordella's pouty lips. She slicked her tongue along the crease of Ordella's mouth. Ordella surprised her by brushing her lips across her cheek and forehead.

What is going on? Where is the wildness? What happened to the down-and-dirty, raunchy Ordella?

Ordella splayed her hand on Myrlee's throat. She trailed her fingers down to Myrlee's small breast, cupping it gently before stroking along the slope to her nipple. Ordella brushed her thumb against Myrlee's hardening nipple.

Myrlee gave up kissing her lover in hopes of transforming her back into a wanton. Damn, her kids did a number on her today. Ordella sees herself only as a mother and grandmother. She's forgetting about being a woman. A purely feminine woman.

"Suck me," Ordella muttered hoarsely, pushing her breast into Myrlee's face.

Myrlee greedily latched onto Ordella's nipple, drawing deep on the hard brown nub. She frowned as Ordella stroked her hair.

This gentleness has got to stop. Myrlee began to suck and chew Ordella's breasts. Her hands trailed to Ordella's rounded bottom. She grabbed and squeezed, desperately wanting to provoke a response.

"Yes, baby. Yeah, just like that," Ordella crooned.

Baby?! Uh-uh. Nope. This is not going to work. Myrlee pulled away from Ordella's breast and slicked wet kisses on her partner's stomach. Myrlee's mind whirled with confusion.

Nothing is working. I want to tear away this nurturing and save the sensuous woman suffocating inside.

An idea trickled into her mind. She paused, inhaling the cinnamon scent of her lover. There was something that Ordella has wanted to try. Wanted, but too scared to carry it out. Too embarrassed to ask.

Was this the right time to do it? If Ordella wasn't ready for it, would this caregiver personality stay intact? Would it freak her out?

But if Ordella was ready for it, ripe for it, then the woman she knew and love would no longer be trapped. The nurturing, motherly image would melt away.

She didn't want to ignore the mother aspect of Ordella. It was a part of her, a part of how she viewed and lived her life. How could she honor that area of her self and let her forget it for the moment?

It was risky. Very risky. Maybe she should wait until tomorrow.

No. She was going to do it now. Remind Ordella that she was more than a caregiver. More than a mother and grandmother. She was Ordella, a strong, sensual, feminine woman.

"Lie on your back," Myrlee suggested.

Ordella looked at her quizzically but quietly obeyed.

"Wait right here," Myrlee softly commanded. She slid off the bed and searched the floor. The pure white gloves shone in the darkness. Myrlee scooped them up and returned to the bed.

She straddled Ordella's waist, grinding her pelvis provocatively into her lover's soft stomach. Myrlee wrapped her fingers around Ordella's wrists and stretched her partner's arm above the headboard.

"We're going to try something different tonight," Myrlee announced.

"Like what?"

"Hold still as I tie you to the bed."

Ordella's eyes widened. "Uh…I'm not sure about this."

"You've been curious," Myrlee replied cautiously. Please don't say no. Please don't say no.

"Yeah, but…" her voice trailed off with indecision.

"Hush. If you can't take it, just say the word…'flower'."

Ordella hesitated. "Okay."

Myrlee tied her hands to the spindle headboard with the gloves. She did her best not to make them tight. That would make Ordella panic.

"Are you comfortable?" Myrlee asked.

"I think so." She pulled against the gloves. Her fingers flexed and bunched.

With a feathery touch, Myrlee trailed her hand down Ordella's arms. Ordella twisted violently.

"Stop that! It tickles."

"Sorry." Myrlee smiled wickedly "I won't be gentle anymore."

"Good," Ordella said with a challenging smile.

Myrlee descended upon her partner like a starving woman, wiping away Ordella's superior smile. Her hands rubbed Ordella's voluptuous curves as her tongue plundered inside her lover's mouth.

That luscious mouth. As a mother she kissed away hurts and sang her babes to sleep.

Now Ordella's mouth did nasty things. Her tongue could bring Myrlee to the edge of Heaven and back.

Myrlee slid down to Ordella's throat, sucking and biting, placing love bites on the elegant brown column. Ordella's guttural groans sparked a wet excitement inside Myrlee.

She hurried to Ordella's breasts. They were large and full. They slightly sagged with age and years of breastfeeding. Myrlee preferred them to younger, perkier breasts. They were more beautiful and intriguing.

Myrlee rolled one nipple with her tongue and the other with frantic fingers. She pinched the nipple and listened to Ordella gasped with savage pleasure. Myrlee immediately ran the sharp edge of her teeth against her lover's sensitive nipple. Ordella arched her spine and pulled from the bed, but the ties held her fast.

Myrlee continued nipping and tweaking Ordella's nipples at a fast and furious pace. She watched with fascination as Ordella tossed her head from side to side.

"Damn, Myrlee. Oh…damn."

She licked and slicked her tongue down Ordella's stomach. Behind the dark brown flesh laid the womb where she carried her children. Now her womb twitched and vibrated with lust.

Myrlee poked her tongue into her lover's navel. Ordella screeched with surprise. Myrlee didn't linger, too intent to explore what hid beneath the wiry thatch of gray curls.

Inhaling her feminine scent, Myrlee dove her questing fingers into her partner's wetness. Ordella bucked at the invasion. Her womanly thighs quivered with need.


Myrlee tormented her lover with her fingers. Ordella in ecstasy was a breathtaking view. "You're quite a woman."

Ordella didn't want to listen. "Now, Myrlee! Now!"

Myrlee attacked Ordella's womanhood with gusto. Munching and slurping, pressing her face deep between Ordella's spread legs.

Ordella hooked her trembling knees over Myrlee's bare shoulders and bore down on Myrlee's mouth.

Myrlee wildly claimed Ordella. Her lover twisted and yanked at the bindings, desperate to take control, yet finding her position addictively arousing.

Ordella swiftly grew untamed. She bucked and thrashed, moaned and begged. She swore with astonishing vulgarity as her body gave into exquisite submission.

Myrlee was surprised when Ordella came violently. Screams of release ruptured from her lover's straining throat.

The aftershocks of Ordella's orgasm were just as powerful. Gasping for air, Ordella closed her eyes as she succumbed to the tremors of her exhausted muscles.

Myrlee climbed over Ordella and pulled the gloves free. She inspected her partner's wrists. They felt tender but the ties didn't cut into the brown skin.

Myrlee stretched out on her side of the bed and gathered Ordella close.

"Just give me a minute," Ordella murmured.

"Ssh. Later. Go to sleep."

"Didn't you like--?"

"I loved it. I love giving you your Mother's Day present."

"What? I have to wait another year for that?" Ordella teased.

"We'll see," Myrlee responded lightly, already planning when she could tie Ordella up again. Try something different like in the living room…or the bathroom. Myrlee gritted her teeth as she throbbed with lust. "We'll see."


Copyright © 2000. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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