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debra diana blue

she was in for a pleasant surprise tonite. i hope she"ll get here on time...this hotel is kind of out of the way, but i picked it for it's victorian ambiance and privacy. i laid things out the way i wanted them....everything in plain sight so that walking into our suite would blow her mind.
she knocked on the door, i said, "who is it."
she said "you know who it is, what is this about?"
i opened the door and said "it's about you and me."
"did you bring the money?" i asked
"yes" she said.
"cool, lay it on the table."
"what do i get to do for this money" she asked.
"anything you want."
she started walking around the room, the jacuzzi caught her eye....steamy bubbles calling her name. i had on a short black wig and lots of makeup...short black dress and high ho heels.. she stepped back and looked at me. "wow...i"m impressed." she said
"you get what you pay for."...i bent over and showed her my sexy black garter belt and crotchless panties. i walked her over to the kitchen suite so that she could survey the cabinets...all her favorites, the refrigerator was stocked with all her favorite beverages and mine. there was also food if she wanted me to.
we both agreed that this was gonna be fun. "what would your pleasure be first, master?" i asked her.
she said "open the drapes, strip and get in the jacuzzi."
i opened the drapes and all you could see was mountains, woods, and snow. it was beautiful. i slowly rolled down my stockings, let her pull off my shoes. keeping my eyes on hers as i opened my legs to show her my exposed gash. i finished undressing in a teasing fashion. once i got naked, i served her beer, chips and salsa. i put on some music and i slipped into the waiting water. damn this thing was hot, i thought.
get on your knees and soap up your tits, she ordered..."you"re the boss, daddy." i replied. i threw my head back and made a production of following her instructions. she got up from the sofa and went to inspect our toys, there was ct, handcuffs, oil, nipple clamps, my butterfly, a butt plug, a blindfold, a dog collar and leash, a riding crop, a wooden paddle anything my daddy wanted to play with. "i am your whore tonite, use whatever you want."
she took off her clothes and strapped on ct, she told me to sit in the jacuzzi, while she blindfolded me, she placed me on my knees with my chin resting on the side, so i was safe, then she cuffed my hands behind my back.
the excitement was enough to make me fall over. she slapped my ass a few times...not saying anything. her attitude was making me so hot. she walked in and fell right into the roll. she took the head of ct and stuck it in after oiling my pussy up...damn this is gonna be good, i thought. with ct's head stuck right at the mouth of my pussy, i moved back to get more.
suddenly she swatted my ass with a wooden paddle "did i say move?"
startled and stung, i said "no."
"then fuckin don't" she said. she started slow fucking me, the sting on my ass was turning me on, it was exciting and shocking at the same time. she started fucking me faster and harder....i got caught up and started moving. 3 more swats on my ass with the wooden paddle. this time it hurt. "again, did i tell you to move?" she asked.
"no" i replied.
this got us both very excited..she started fucking me very hard and very fast....i knew not to move. this made her hotter "you know daddy ain't playin with you tonite...right" she hissed into my ear..
"yes" i replied. i thought about moving just for the fun of it, but i thought i"d let her groove alone, cuz she was sure in it.
'shit this pussy is so good, i"m gonna take it like i want it...say my name bitch" she said pumping that hot dick into me
"yes daddy, anything my daddy says.".....that did it, she gave it all she had and collapsed onto my back. i lost my calm reserve and started buckin back at her, she had my pussy pumping out hot cum cream.
"get on the bed....i"m gonna tie you up like a pretty package and use you like the whore that i paid for". she oiled my body with the sweet scented oil i"d bought. when she oiled my legs and feet, she put on my stiletto whore pumps, then she tied my ankles apart. she put my ass on a pillow and tied my hands to the bed post. she didn't keep me blindfolded, she wanted me to look into her eyes while she fucked me like my master.....
i hadn't been tied up before, but i was in for a surprise. she kissed me, then kissed her way down my body...stopping at my navel to give me a ticklish kiss, then she lovingly licked and sucked my nipples...i love watching her face when she's making love to me....her look is so intense and beautiful. no jokes. she made her way down to my thighs which were tied apart. she started kissing my stomach and rubbing her hands on me. she was clearly teasing me.
"daddy's gonna feast on this" she said as she kissed all around my clit, kissed up and down my thighs, nuzzled her nose in my pubic hair. i was getting frustrated as hell. i started to protest, didn't matter cuz i couldn't move "in time, baby, just hold on."
i was getting pissed, she put two fingertips into my pussy and started blowing on my clit. you have a pretty pussy, she said fucking with me.
"i hate you" i said.
"o, do you now" she said. i"ll leave you alone to think about that for awhile. and she walked out of the room....damn, she left me.
i tried to sit up in bed "Baby, where are you going."
'shut up and think about hating me, bitch". she came and got in my face..."look, tonite you are my whore, my bitch, my anything i want you to don't have any right getting mad, pissed, or impatient...spoiled bitch, now just chill here awhile and think about hating me.
"baby you can't leave me here tied up, naked and cold, i could catch pneumonia, now be forreal."
"i paid for you, i can do whatever i want....seeya" she was fully clothed and out the door in minutes.
my game had gone wrong...she left. aw this sucks.
i could not believe she left me lying tied up naked and cold. i guess i won't try to control her fantasy anymore. i just tried to make the best of it and lay there, thinking she"d come back soon. then it started getting colder, i forgot the doors to the suite were open and the drapes were blowing inside cuz the wind had picked up. i was freezing. an hour had gone by and i was miserable, cold and lonely. i started crying and cussing myself out. how could i promise my baby her ultimate fantasy, then try to run the damn show.
finally about 40 minutes later the door opened. she came in with 2 dozen roses. "what's wrong with my baby?" she said scooping me up in her arms...her black silk suit felt good against my naked skin. i tried to explain how awful i felt for ruining her fantasy., "you didn't ruin my fantasy"re not some whore, you"re a classy lady, you"re all mine and i"m gonna show you a thing or 2 tonite. she covered me with her silk jacket and planted kisses on my face to wipe the tears away. she untied me and held onto me, kissing me deeply. her warm sweet surprise totally blew me away. she sprinkled me with rose petals, fed me chocolates and champagne.
this is what i think of you, she said. she took off her pants and shirt and came over to lay down with me...she was still wearing ct. she kissed my lips, my nipples and my pussy...just like that. she parted my lips with her tongue, she flicked her tongue causing shocks to go through my body. i felt so sensuous in rose petals with my woman making sweet love to me. she labored at my pussy like a mad woman. i was thrashin and throwin it all in her face...mmmm damn. "that's right baby, throw it, daddy will catch it" when she said that, i started cummin down that long mountain trail....she felt it and held onto my clit for dear life...i let out the longest scream and tried not to drown her in my juices. i was truly spent....damn.
then she kissed me deeply, letting me taste my sweetambrosiafunk all over her face.....LOVED IT. then she gently turned me on my side. o yes, i know what this is about, i thought. before i could finish my happy little thought she had dove down into me so deliciously that my toes curled without me knowing it...she slid that big chocolate love stick up into me and i felt the cream running out.
she did a slow rhythmic grind...going deeper and deeper each time. i was full of emotion...she was holding me in her arms "it's ok baby, daddy's got you, playtime is over."...her words and her loving made me break, i was accepting all she was giving me with tears running down my face, so caught up in the completeness of her going in and out of me deeper and deeper...into my pussy, into my heart, soul and mind. she kept talking to me and that slow sweet ache started at the base of my spine...GOD IT FELT GOOD.
i started to shudder and sob at once...damn baby was all i could say. she just said "i know baby, let that flood go."...and i did - all over her dick, all over the bed...all over her soul. when it was over, she turned me toward her, I laid in her arms and cried rivers of relief. she held onto me and kissed me and rocked me.... she whispered "i got you baby, it's gonna be alright."

The End

Copyright © 2004. Used by permission of author. All Rights Reserved.

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