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Let's Talk

Angela R. Harvey

In Relationships, Falling In Love IS The Easy Part . . .

  1. The Language Of Love: Communication

  2. Iíve been seeing a girl for a few weeks and everyone has been treating us like we are a couple. Now, weíre starting to act like one. I want to slow things down and just date for a while, but is it too late?

  3. I try to talk to my girl, but she never listens to me. I know the butch is supposed to be strong, etc--but I need some support too. How can I get her to hear me?

  4. Can a relationship be too good to be true? My girl and me have been together (and happy) for a year and thatís starting to bother me. Iím waiting for the other shoe to drop. Sometimes I get her angry Ė just to see if anything slips out. It doesnít and then I feel bad for pissing her off. Iím okay for a while, and then I start wondering if itís too good again.

  5. When we argue, my girlfriend brings up hurtful things from my past. I was open and honest with her about everything and she uses it against me. So now, I donít tell her anything about how I feel and that upsets her. What am I supposed to do?

  6. I am everything my girl wants me to be. I gave up my ďbadĒ friends, my ďbadĒ habits --- now Iím unhappy. Every time I get into a relationship, it seems like Iím the only one who gives things up. Help! Iím tired of compromising.

  7. How do you know when itís time to end a relationship?

About the contributor
Angela R. Harvey, BA, MSSA, CCDC I, LSW is a native of Cleveland, Ohio, who currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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